Tuesday, February 02, 2010


All photos from Asman Amin of Pahang

Just came back from Kuala Lumpur yesterday morning with my 7 years old son who took part in under 10 category.Initially I was reluctant to bring my son to take part but for the sake of exposure and atmosphere playing in Kuala Lumpur my son needed this trip.This is his third tournament and his rating is 1176.I don't expected him to do well in this tournament and he could only finished with 1.5 points from 6 games.For the past many years I used to bring other people children to Kuala Lumpur and various part of Malaysia to take part in chess tournament and this is my time to take care of my only child and him for tournament in Malaysia.He is still long way to go in chess and by the time he grow up I hope he achieved something significant in Malaysia chess arena.

You may download all the result here

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