Friday, February 03, 2012


I played 3 minutes tournament early this morning at and hoping to win another 30 days free membership but not that lucky as yesterday.This time I am on 63rd placing  which is one place up from winning number 64.Top five players in this tournament will given membership extension from 150 days to 30 days.

Ten lucky prizes also given to player who has ending number 4.For an example you can see from the picture above.All lucky prize winners  has ending number 4.To night tournament lucky number is no 8.Actually  there are many Malaysian playing in the playchess only handful are member like IM Jimmy Liew.As gilachess said you can buy membership via online but I still think the best option is to buy Fritz 13 with ori dvd because you don't need to worry if your computer crash.So for RM280 it's worth to  invest as I  proved to you many time.

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