Wednesday, June 09, 2010


I just cant wait to take 8 hours of  bus journey to Perlis tomorrow night.I also played in MSSM twice in my life and I think one of the best memories in my chess life.I know how excited are when you qualified to represented your state.First time ,after I completed my SRP and then in form five and before that I dont know anything about chess in MSSM.Information about chess in those days just like to  pan gold grain in Klang river.Nothing at all, but now we live in a different world you may find any information.Sometimes some chess organisers make life of a bloggers quite difficult "information embargo".I know a lot people out there are waiting to see the result of  MSSM.I think you all had to be satisfied with the job Gilocatur is doing now.So sorry no results will be upload at for MSSM this years.In the mean time If you like to read good old days go to Ilham blog .

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