Saturday, November 21, 2009


Now that world Youth Chess Championship entered 10th round and with one more round to go Malaysia juniors hopes of winning any medal look promising.Nur Nabila is doing very well now .But they have shown that they have the capacity to progress in chess provided that are given more chances, in that sense more exposure in tournament overseas maybe.By playing 25 minutes chess that we are use to have over the weekend is not going to help them progress further.Nowaday you can stay at home and play some good chess.

I know that their parents sacrifices a lot for them but individual initiative will not enough , what we need is combine efford by MCF in order for our juniors players to progress.I believed most of top achievers in this championship will progress further and I convinced they will reached the ultimate goal.As for me I will push my six years old son to reach the far limit in chess.

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