Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Malaysian youngsters continue fine perfomance in World Youth Championship in Turkey.Nur Nabila Azman Hisham fine permances so far excited all Malaysian chess community.So far she scored 5 points from 6 round to stay on 3rd place out of 100 players in her group.

And in the next few rounds surely will test her ability and her fighting spirit.I hope that she and the rest of the team will not mentally tired for duration of this championship.

Here are the rest of Malaysia players standing in the championship.

1.Under 8 (boys)

Amier Hamzah 4.5 points currently at 15th place from 129 players

Teh De Juan 3 points currently at 66 place from 129 players.

2.Under 8 girls

Teh De Zen 3 points currently at 47 place from 85 players.

3.Under 10 girl

Nur Najiha Azman Hisham 3 points currently at 51 place from 83 players

4. Under 12 boys

Mohd Irfan Haqim Azhar 2.5 points currently at 103 place from 142 players

5. Under 14 girls

Hoh Tjin Li

6. Under 14 boys

Wong Jian Wen 2.5 points currently at 89 place from 138 players

Elgin Lee 3 points currently at 79 place from 138 players

7. Under 16

Sumant Subramaniam 2.5 points from 78 place from 119 player

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