Thursday, September 10, 2009



The Euro Youth Chess Championship just ended yesterday (9th September ).More then 40 European Nations took part in this event which held in Italy.This event was divided into 5 categories Under 18 , under 16,under 14 ,under 12 and under 10 separately for boy and girl.In under 18 boy Ter Sahakyan Samvel (Fide 2480)won this category.He is not a stranger in world junior championship level ,in 2005 he finish equal 1st place with Wesley So ,Srinath Narayanan for under 12 category.Surely he is the one to watch for the coming World Youth Chess Championship to be held from 11th 23rd November in Turkey.Malaysia juniors may play in world.Here is the link to download all the games that may be usefull for Malaysian players.Below is Sahakyan last round game against Maarten Larmuseau.This year world youth host website.

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