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Sunday, September 21, 2008


Dear chess friend I will give 1 set of chess set for the right answer for the question below

1. Please give name of 3 grandmasters who visited Terengganu in last 28 years ?

2. Please give me names of 2 grandmasters who give simultaneous exhibition in Terengganu ?

I be happy to give 1 set of chess set for every correct answer.Do you think you know ?


Anonymous said...

Jawapan No.2 :GM Sermek Drazen & GM E Gufeld

Ching said...

I can only think of late GM Eduard Gufeld, GM Sermek and a GM from an ASEAN country? ;-p

muhammad arshad said...

Gm Sermek is correct but the other 2 Gm ?

muhammad arshad said...

Gm Sermek came to play in BPM chess allegro in 2003.Of course he won but he did not give simul.

Anonymous said...

Nguyen Anh Dung ( still only an IM at that time )came for the Sutra Beach Resort tournament in 95

muhammad arshad said...

yeah u right about anh dung.but that not the answer to my question