Wednesday, September 17, 2008


1988 Terengganu Open winner late Cikgu Mustaffa Mohd
Wan Zunida Wan Mohd Nor received prize from
Mohd Azemi Awang Chik of MSN.Recently she called
me and still eager to play.Now married with 3 kids.

Do you recognise the small boy here ?

Can you name the 3 players who is still around today?

1993 Terengganu Open Champion Ghalam Sani Dato Abd Rashid
of Terengganu (many times winner of open as well as the state
champion now retire from chess scene.)

I have been involved in chess activity in Terengganu since late 1980 either as a player or organiser,maybe some of you not even born yet.During that time we have up to four tournament per year and that including the Terengganu open which we normally organise in month of August.The first Terengganu open was held in 1988 at Pantai Batu Burok coinside with Pesta Pantai and they are three categories contested.The open section was won by Mustaffa Mohd and Lim Sin Leong won the novice section ,regretfuly I dont remember whose is the winner for under 12 section.In fact I lost all the records of most of our tournament held in Terengganu.But I managed to salvage some of the evidance of chess activities in form of pictures.Those picture are all taken during 1993 Terengganu Open which was held in front of ex Terengganu State Library at Jalan Sultan Ismail.


ad6 said...

Mat, whose was the person who hold the mic in Wan Zunida photo? It looks like me, but I don't think it was me.

ad6 said...

Sorry, I should look at the actual size picture by clicking on it. Yes, it was me then but I can't remember this event, maybe it was held in 1991 judged by the appearance that I was.

The three in that photo still playing are Hashim, IM Mas (the kid) and Kamaluddin. Peter Long is no more active in chess, isn't it.

mat, I downloaded these photos into my PC, hope U don't mind. Very good one to keep.

Muhammad Arshad said...

all picture taken in 1993 unless u prove me wrong

Muhammad Arshad said...

Peter Long now with is Fide web editor.

Anonymous said...

IM Mas masa kecik pun dah pandai siko GM tu..tengok tenungan dia tu

Anonymous said...

Pic No. 4..Baju Biru kat tgh 2..nmpk cam Gm Kasparov...