Thursday, December 15, 2011


Imtiaz Kuala Terengganu students recently took part in Penang Heritage City Open Chess tournament.Imtiaz has opted chess in their school curriculum and they will gets more exposure to play in the national and internasional level chess competition.Most of the boys are new to chess and I was hired as their coach to train them beginning next year. Prior leaving to Penang the players virtually had none internasional experience.But the boys has shown some promise and enthusiasm.

I already set target for them to qualify to represent Terengganu in MSSM championship next year.Below is table for individual point at Penang Open.Imtiaz top performance players is Muhammad Khairil Anuar Asyraf who scored five and a half points from nine games.Fazli had 5 points, Adli 5 points,and Fahim 3 points.From 45 games they played 8 games are played from players from Singapore.Full result is here.

Final Ranking
Final Ranking Seeding Number Name Rtg Pts
31 123 Muhd Khairil Anuar Asyraf Khairil Annuar 0
50 120 Mohamad Fadzli Naim Mohd Kamal 0 5
61 121 Muhammad Adli Jamaluddin 0 5
116 122 Muhammad Fahim Hanif Fahmi Anuar 0 3

Adli my first internasional open

Flamboyant Fazli

Khairil ready to checkmate

Fahim your move

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