Saturday, June 25, 2011

MY PLAYCHESS ACCOUNT FACTS is my favourite chess site and has been a routine for me to visit and " park " my nick there.After over a year as a member here, I played with many type of players watching other people game and so on. One day I dream to broadcast Terengganu Chess Association open tournament at reading below...

1.My membership will expire on march 2012.I have about six months to extend it.For the past 8 weeks I am  not getting lucky prize at tournament.

2.My current rating is 1906 and highest I ever achieved was 2014.

3.Current highest Malaysian players probaly FM Anas Nazreen or IM Mok Tze Meng as both has rating over 2500.Edward Lee also once has 2600 plus rating.

4.Until this morning I played 2974 blitz games and 320 bullet chess for the past 18 months.

5. IM Jimmy Liew so far has played 13893 games.

6.My lucky win when I beat GM Laxman from India.

7.Winner of  15 months of  membership extension.

8.My current rank is Bishop.My next target rank is Rook , to achieve that I need to raise my rating to 2300.A very difficult task for my level.

9.I have 203 appalause compare to Nigel Short who has 18325.

10.I am ranked 5797 from 34504 players                    

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