Monday, November 08, 2010


I stand at no 30

Last Monday night I took part chess tournament at played seven round swiss and the time control was 5 minutes and 2 second increment.Prizes last night are 150 days for first prizes.120 day for second prize ,90 days for third prize,60 days for 4th prize and 30 day membership extension.

And for the lucky winner there are 10 prizes each 30 days membership extension.Last night Chessbase decided lucky winner are selected players who finished the tournament on number 18,28,38,48,58,68,78,98,118 and lastly 128.I started badly losing my first game to lower rated player  but later was able to catch up and finished at number 30.Quite happy with my perfomance last night and already had 150 days membership extension, I will continue to chase lucky prize at


zabbura2002 said...

wah good tips. Kena cuba ni

Muhammad Arshad said...

Kena cuba mana tahu bernasib baik macam saya nie,pendulikan rating tu naik turun x penting.Membership kat playchess lebih penting.Membership has its previllages.