Tuesday, October 26, 2010


No 62 and 30 days membership extension

Last night after a few hours of sleep I woke up and login to my favourite playchess.com.Then I entered main playing hall to watch and to get inspiration from Niger Shorts who is playing blitz in the virtual world.After spending a few minutes there, I register my self for blitz tournament at room official B.About 186 players register initially ,before some of them dropped out from playing.

After nine round of play I lost 3 games , 2 draws and 4 wins and finished with 5 points.From 186 players I stand at no 62. That good enough for me as chessbase give prizes for players who finished the tournament with ending number of 2.Well my fellow friends come and join me at playchess.com who knows you may wins prizes here like me.

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