Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Malaysia men got beaten by ICSC 1- 3 but  ours girls show some prospect by beating lower seeded Pakistan 4 - 0.The girls today make Malaysian chess fans cheer up.Every thing went smooth for the Malaysian girls only Roslina had little resistance from 42 years old Begum Ghazala her game ended in move 60. Something not right with our boys today all went wrong.

On first board Mas choice of sicilian variation backfire him.On 16th move his opponent exchange  Bishop for Knight  on d5 and Mas reply with Qd5 ,to my opinion Mas could had tried 17.ed5.But after the disastrous move Mas no longer had play on the qeenside he is fast losing tempo and soon cannot save his game.

As usual Mok as black never tired of playing his modern defence opening which I suspected his opponent had prepare.During the middle game stage Mok could had made some error like  21... Kf7 which  he had to retreated a few moves later.He also had problem with his light color bishop and weakness on his e7 square.

This is yet the best game of Tan Khai Boon.Playing the semi slav opening the game is wild ,both are playing for a win not for a tame draw,Khai Boon played aggressively as all of his pieces on the right square for an attack.He emerged victorious and delivered sole point for Malaysia defeat against the ICSC.(Silent Chess)

Peter Long tasted his first defeat in this event.He played the Schmid Benoni.It was an open game, black unable to castle his King and white soon open the position to expose the King.

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