Friday, September 24, 2010


Malaysia earned valuable point when our players managed to get a draw 2 all against high rated Lituanian in the third round.On board one  Mas Hafizul playing with black pieces beat Eduardas Rozentalis  ( Fide 2611 )with Sicilian defence Moscow variation an opening Mas himself very familiar.

At some point of the game the Lithuanian Grandmaster stand  slightly better.However Mas managed to maneuver his Queen into the queenside which causes problem for his opponent.After exchanges pawns on the queenside Mas had a very clear advantages which he easily convert into winning position.(Read Rozentalis interview with Chessdom here)

On the second board Mok his opponent choosed to play Philidor defence by the move of 25 all of heavy pieces was exchange with only Knight versus Bishop ending.By moves of 39 Mok was a pawn up.He started to maneuver his Knight all over the board but couldn't find a winning plan.So the ended with a draw.

On board three playing Black from Ruy Lopez exchange Khai Boon was totally out played by his opponent middle game superiority.White sacrifices a Knight for three pawn on the king side.Khai Boon just couldn't find answer to his opponent advancing pawns.

Board four was less dramatic,Peter Long played his favourite English opening.All the moves he made just like text book moves.The ended with a draw.

Mas game

Mok game

Khai Boon game

Peter Long 

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