Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Tan Khai Boon- Champion

National Master Capel-Second place

My generous host Amri Ibni Hajar

I was not really eager to play in Kedah because I am quite busy with my job and family.Anyhow as a die hard player I decided to play even though I may not become the tournament winner.But to me the most important things is be able to meet my friends from all over Malaysia it does not matter whether you win or not.

I reached Sungai Petani at 4.30 Saturday morning and my old friend Amri Ibni Hajar pick me and and took to his house ,later he send me to the hotelfor check in.Without Amri I will be lost.

This event is sponsor by Jaffolea Chess Club and during the lunch break Kedah chess Association held their meeting to select the new committee members.

Tan Khai Boon results in local chess scene is quite good he played smart chess without taking big risks especially in short time control.He beats Ian Udani in the 6 round although the game could ended in a draw.

Here are the list of Open and under 12 winners - enjoy it.

1.Open section
2.Under 12.


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