Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hi all, quite sometime since I updated this blog.A lot of thing happened since new year I was busy readjusting my schedule since my son started schooling at primary school.Too sad that this year will no chess competition at school level and definitely effecting chess " progress and development " in this country.

I also have to keep up with the coming tournament,the Jeram Open organised by Azhar Mohd Said and the UTP open.For sure I will post it here later on.Last minute I decided to lay off my family and work commitment for a while and buy myself bus ticket to Sungai Petani to play the Kedah open.This is my second trip here ,last December trip sort of family trip.

Luckily when I arrived here at 4.30am this morning and Kedah top player Amri Ibni Hajar agreed to pick me up.With him I will be lost.I have known Amri in the early 90 when he study at UITM Dungun and he regularly took part in our chess event.For the last 10 years Amri remain as Kedah top player.

Lastly I hope to be able update Kedah Open and continue post Jeram Open and UTP open later on.


GiLoCatur said...

It is good to hear that Mr TCA Secretary is participating in Sg Petani Open. Hopefully, he will update about the tourney and provide all the chess fans with interesting photos.

And Best of Luck to you, MAD.

Muhammad Arshad said...

I try my best.The organising comittee here is using Swiss perfect for the pairing programe.I will talk to them to use my swiss manager so that I can upload to the chess results.