Sunday, October 04, 2009


According to my informed sources Labuan will host next year Malaysian School Chess Championship.But it's cannot be confirmed until this December.Labuan was the 2004 host when chess was included back in MSSM calender after 5 years break.According to my sources the championship will be divided into 4 categories only - under 12 boy , under 12 girls , under 18 girl and under 18 boy.This measure is to cut off number of participants , venue and etc.So each state is expected to send 24 players.

But one thing for sure the selection tournament will be fiercely contested and only 6 winners from each category will be selected.The championship is expected to held in 12th to 19th March next year.This year overall championship was won by Selangor who edges out Kuala Lumpur.

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