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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Siti Nor Raihan Mohd Shaifuddin

Terengganu under 18 girl Siti Nor Raihan Mohd Shaifuddin have a realistic chances to win gold in under 18 individual.She is currently second place with 5 points and will be playing tomorrow with Perak girl Nur Munirah Mat also 5 points.The winner of the game tomorrow will finish first place.If she drew her game tomorrow then she will get second place.In under 15 girl Terengganu Wan Noor Fatin Wan Mohd Zani also have a realistic chances to finish in the top 3 placing.The boy under 18 team have a slim chances to finish 3 place if they able to beat Kelantan and hoping the other team drew with their opponents.

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