Monday, January 05, 2009


It was a great year for chess in Terengganu especially when Pusat Minda Terengganu (Mindcet) established by Dato Seri Idris Jusoh.Every chess players in Terengganu are very eager and very excited when they heard that MindCet announced to hold tournament in all districts and the state level.The programme started well with all district organised qualifying round to select 30 players to represent every district in state of Terengganu.

Then MindCet organised five series of tournament at state level to select players in order to play in the grandfinal which is a FIDE rated event.That a dream come true for local chess players with generous prize money for very categories.Conducive playing venue and more then enough chess equipment.Surely what MindCet has spend surely cannot match by others State Government in Malaysia.

Commenting on qualities of play of Terengganu players performance , I think we need to raise our knowledge in chess theory basically as well as to raise the qualities of our local competitors standard.For instance in seven round of swiss event seeded players may only play 3 or 4 strong players while the rest of the round they maybe played with a weaker opponents.The effect of this clearly shown in the Grand Finale when several top ranked Terengganu players were unable to handle experience of the rated players.

To improve this situation I would say that top Terengganu players will only play among themselves in different categories in local tournament.Let say 8 players in first division , only five players will win prize money and last two players will be downgrade to second division.The first 2 winners of second division will be upgrade to the first division.The second division consisting lower ranked players and all juniors state players.We must make a bold decision in order improve our game.In the past ours players may have won many national level tournament but with Internet era we unable not catch up with the latest development in chess.

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ad6 said...

We hope that it wouldn't be a one-off program to develop chess in Terengganu. If this effort being done consistently for years no doubt we would have at least an FM or IM in the future.