Saturday, November 08, 2008


Hashim Jusoh received prize from Prof Abd Rahim Ramli

Heng Aik Kiat 3rd place

After two days of mind battle top Terengganu player Hashim Jusoh emerged champion base on better tie break although losing a game to second place winner Muhammad Arshad.Here are list of winners of the event.

  1. Hashim Jusoh 6 points RM600
  2. Muhammad Arshad 6 points RM500
  3. Heng Aik Kiat 5.5 points RM400
  4. Suhaidi Mustaffa 5 points RM300
  5. Zailan Abas 5 points RM200
  6. Abdul Kadir Jailani 5 points RM100
  7. Wan Izzuddin Wan Razali 5 points RM100
  8. Fairul Yusuf 4 points RM100
  9. Abdul Rahim Ramli 4 points RM100
  10. Mohd Syazawan Zulkifli 4 points. RM100


ad6 said...

In any chess event we're cannot help but to admit players tend to settle the result even b4 the final round take place. In my early days of playing chess, my first experience of negotiating the result was with a notorious chess player based in KL. Feared of getting less money if I lose considering he's more experience than me, I took the offer. But I am frankly advise that this habit won't do us any good for improvement. So as happened in this event.

Anyway, congrats to all as I saw lots of games played with quality. AND MILLIONS THANKS TO PUSAT MINDA FOR ORGANISING THIS PLEASANT EVENTS and helps local chess activities get life again. HOPEFULLY there will be similar events next year.

Anonymous said...

hello i'm chesslovers from indonesia,still learn and play chessgame.this is a good article for me and all chesslovers in indonesia.congratulation to all the winners.thanks