Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The much awaiting match between title holder Anand (38) and Kramnik (32)will start at 15.00 in Bonn Germany.They will play 12 games and will share prize money US 2.35 million which is much more then Kasparov and Karpov era.They will play in classical time control ,120 minutes for the first 40 move and 60 minute for the next 20 move ,and 15 minute for the rest of the game plus additional 30 second from move 61.Both players are very familiar with host country, Anand play for Baden Baden in Bundesliga.

In press conference held yesterday Anand says he have been training on and off since April this year for the championship and very eager to defend the title.For this championship Anand will have 4 seconds to assist him S.S Ganguly , Nielsen (Denmark) , Kasimzhanoz and young Polish grandmaster Radoslaw. When asked about the Polish Grandmaster Anand says he met Radoslaw in Bundesliga ,according to Anand they play few time and Radoslaw made positive impression on him technically.

Meanwhile Kramnik will have 3 seconds Peter Leko , Rublevskyi and Fressinet (France).For the record Leko was Anand second in match with Karpov and surely this help Kramnik for this championship.Kramnik has never won classical time control game with blacks pieces against Anand.


Azrul said...
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Azrul said...

anand and kramnik draw in their 1st match with 32moves..kramik using white pieces play solid exchange slav variation..mr coach,mlm ni ajar slav opening plak hehe

Muhammad Arshad said...

1st malam tadi agak boring.mungkin untuk hilangkan perasaan yg nervous tu.anand and kramnik nak elakkan dari opening preparation lawan masing masing.