Friday, August 15, 2008


Pencarian Jaguh Catur Terengganu will continue on 22nd to 23rd August 2008.As usual the tournament will be divided into 3 category open, under 18 and under 12.In the last two series Hashim and Norazmi were champion.This two players are the dominance players in Terengganu chess scenario for the last 10 years.Others players may find difficult to break in unless unexpected results happened.But chances for other players to finished in top five are there if they working hard to improve.
In under 18 section mostly top five winners are dominated by Terengganu representative in MSSM.Seems that gap between state junior players with non state players are wide.The state junior players performance in recent MSSM is very humble ,( except for few players) this what I always believed for long time juniors state players (under 18) only be allowed to play in open section.Without this kind of exposure they will improve.So let non state players play with each other in this section.
Next week will see wheater Md Huzaimi ( I think this boy should play in under 18) could recover from loses to Siti Aisyah in under 12 section.The fast improving Siti Aisyah and her sister Siti Khadijah are catching up with Huzaimi who dominated under 12 section for few years already.Huzaimi is not making any significant progress for the last one year.
Now Pusat Minda Terengganu under leaderships of Dato Saidi and Dr Wan Shaari is planning to have weekly coaching lesson for the selected players.Hopefully this moves will benefits the junior players.Lastly , guys get ready for third series on 22-23rd August , see you all there.

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ad6 said...

The search is continuing. The goal is to find a number of local talents out of a large pool which by the support of the state govt. would be able to compete in national level not just participate in it but more significant is to achieve success and make some rightfully proud for the state. I wonder who’s the one to be like the IM Mas.