Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Merdeka chess tournament is a must for every Malaysian chess players.This event initiated by Persatuan Catur Melayu Malaysia in early eighties.Terengganu players never misses this event for many years.Lately we didn't send a representative to this Malaysia premier due to work and family commitment.Anyway we have our very owned Nur Ilhamuddin Shaik Ali who is working in Kuala Lumpur and currently is playing in the AMbank Chess Challenge.

May be you don't know him well.I came to know him way back in 1987.He started to play chess in primary school and continue to play until now.He won many local tournament in Terengganu and I consider him as very strong among Terengganu top players.Ilhamuddin represent Terengganu in MSSM championship and merdeka team event for many years.He is active taking part in Kelang valley tournament.Recenly he achieved FIDE rating with 2059 thus making him the first Terengganu FIDE rated player

In this on going AMbank chess challenge at Midvalley ,Ilham currently have 2 points from four round losing to Bangladeshi and Indonesian players.Let us wish him good luck and success in this event.

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ad6 said...

NurIlhamudin Sh. Ali or Ilham is a very well known chess player especially in Trg but the new generation maybe doesn't know him so much due to his lack of appearances in local chess tournament.

Anyway, I love to see him play in Trg in future, hopefully this coming Dec where all the best chess players in Malaysia will compete in Fide Rated event in continuation to Pencarian jaguh catut Trg.

Wish him all the best.