Wednesday, August 06, 2008


As expected Terengganu simply too strong for other team to handle,Terengganu accumulated 21 points from preliminary round and winner pool round.Kuala Lumpur who finished second could only massed up 15.5 round followed by Pahang who gained 15 points and former national champion Dr Ng Eee Vern playing for them.Determine Selangor players finished 4th place with 14.5 points.Chess event was introduce as one of the event in MAKSAK calendar in middle of nineties.Terengganu chess team started to take part in this event in 1997 when it became champion when the tournament was held in Kedah.Although some players complain about the playing schedule and format but mostly they are happy for the long round.Only Kedah and Melaka did not part.Next year Kelantan will host the event and Terengganu surely will defence the title quite easily.Congratulation Terengganu.
  1. Terengganu 16.5
  2. Selangor 10.5
  3. Perak 10.5
  4. PDRM 10
  5. ATM 2.5
  1. Kuala Lumpur 15
  2. Kelantan 14
  3. Johor 11.5
  4. Perlis 6.5
  5. Labuan 3.5
  1. Pahang 12.5
  2. Sarawak 12
  3. Pulau Pinang 11.5
  4. Negeri Sembilan 11.5
  5. Penjara 3

Round 1.Terengganu beat Selangor 4-0 (Result in group match)

Round 1.Kuala Lumpur beat johor 3.5-.5

Round 1.Pulau Pinang beat Kelantan 3-1

Round 1.Pahang beat Sarawak 2.5-1.5

Round 2.Selangor beat Sarawak 2.5-1.5

Round 2.Pahang drew Penang 2-2

Round 2.Kelantan beat Johor 3-1

Round 2.Terengganu beat KL 2.5-1.5

Round 3.Selangor beat KL 3-1

Round 3.Terengganu beat Kelantan 3.5-.5

Round 3.Pahang drew KL 2-2

Round 3.Sarawak beat Penang 3-1

Round 4.Selangor beat Penang 3-1

Round 4.Sarawak beat Johor 2.5.-1.5

Round 4.Terengganu beat Pahang 3-1

Round4.Kelantan drew Kl 2-2

Round5.Kelantan drew Selangor 2-2

Round5.Pahang drew Kl 2-2

Round 5.Terengganu beat Sarawak 3-1

Round 5.Johor beat Penang 4-0

Round6.Selangor beat Johor 3-1

Round 6.Terengganu beat Penang 3-1

Round 6.Sarawak beat Kl 2.5-1.5

Round 6.Pahang beat Kelantan 3-1

Round 7.Pahang beat Selangor 3-1

Round 7.Kelantan beat Sarawak 3-1

Round 7.Kl beat Penang 4-0

Round 7.Johor drew Terengganu 2-2

Best board winner

  1. Dr Ng Ee Vern Pahang
  2. Hisamullah Harun Terengganu
  3. Norazmi Mohd Nor Terengganu
  4. Azmi Othman Selangor
  5. Azman Hisham Che Doi Kuala lumpur
  6. Noh Ahmad Negeri Sembilan

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