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Saturday, June 14, 2008


After two days of exciting chess here are the results of the event.Not rearlly what you may expected.The results speaks for it self, anyway this week its not my day.
  • Open section
  1. Nor Azmi Mohd Nor six point
  2. Suhaidi Mustaffa five and half point
  3. Gani Kadir five and half point
  4. Heng Aik Kiat five and half point
  5. Hashim Jusoh five point
  6. Ruzenan abu Bakar five point
  7. Abd Kadir Jailani five point
  8. Abd Rahim Ramli five point
  9. Hisamullah Harun five point
  10. Hamedi Zaidi Mamat five point
  • best lady
  1. Nor Azma Adilla Alias
  • Under 18
  1. Ahmad Faez Azmi
  2. Md Amirul Zahanuddin
  3. Mat Yusof Mat Deris
  4. Md Khairul Nazrin
  5. Md Dziqril Hakim
  6. Ahmad Jalalullah
  7. Md Dzafrul Haziq
  8. Sy Ahmad Irsyad
  9. Siti Nur Raihan Md Saifuddin
  10. Aminah Syukriah Md Salim
  • Under 12
  1. Md Huzaimi
  2. Md Aiman Azani
  3. Arif Farae
  4. Siti Asiah Sabirin
  5. Nur Liyana Zulkifli
  6. Md Amir Syamim
  7. Siti Khadijah sabirin
  8. Md Nur Adli
  9. Md Rizauddin Che Diah
  10. Nur Syafikah Rashid


Anonymous said...

congratulation to the winner all blogger try again at another series...haha..but can u upload all ranking has a ranking and who they cross every rounds..suggestion juz do a link..tq

muhammad arshad said...

I am pc nerd.dont know how to up load'

Anonymous said...

Where is Ghalam Sani?

muhammad arshad said...

Ghalam sani not playing chess anymore

Remis Aman said...

Congratulations Nor Azmi!