Sunday, December 12, 2010


At second London Chess Classic the biggest chess event held by the English in recent years saw Anand celebrated his 41st birthday by beating Nigel Short 45 years old former chess child prodigy in crushing style.Short start his game with e4 pawn and Anand respond with c5 and the game turn into Sicilian Closed Opening.

On move 11th Short played Qh4 to initiate typical Kingside attack as per theory suggest,Anand respond with Ne8 in order  to exchange the attacking Queen.Short declined and played Qh3.Anand seized the initiative when he played Nd4 with threatening Nc2 fork.Anand has the cruise control for the entire game and he checkmated his frustrated opponent on 43rd move.

Niger Short who spend long hours at server used to play similar kind of position in his 3 minutes games and of course it's different scenario.Calsen also won his game against Hikaru Nakamara .Both players played the standard opening  theory and a lot of tactic during the middle game 

On move 24 Hikaru forced Calsen to exchange Bishop for a Knight , the turning point of this  exciting game.Hikaru plan was to have double bishop on open board.Calsen turned the table around when he managed to exchange Black's Bishop.Hikaru tried to gain the initiatived but Calsen already prepared and later  have big advantages.

Short and Anand game

Calsen and Hikaru game

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