Monday, December 03, 2007


Currently 15 players from the state is taking part in chess tournament at Shah Alam.The event due to finish November 7th.The team event will consisting 3 boys and 1 girl playing in every round.Ironically MSST did not organised centralised training for this event.Most of the players for this event were informed last minute.What a way to improved sport in this state.Although MSST have all the mechanism still they acting unprofessionally.The victims are the players and chess.


In an unusual manner Wan Mohd Zaki passes away today at 12.00 pm in the middle of chess event in Kuala Lumpur.He suddenly collapsed and 2 doctors at the scene unable to save his live.Apparently the two doctors also playing in the tournament.His cause of death is probably heart attack.
First time I met him way back in late 1989.We used to play together in tournament and after that I lost contact with him.Suddenly we met again last November during Maybank Indoor game in Kuantan.That was last time I had a conversation with him.He such as nice guy and easy going , his body will be laid to rest at his hometown Dungun tomorrow.May Allah bless his soul.