Saturday, May 09, 2009


Khair and Rahim playing in the 7th round

Mohd Khair

Norazmi Mohd Nor 2nd place winner receiving prize from Abd Rahim

Annual Dungun open concluded today and 2003 winner Muhammad Arshad score 7/7 from field of strong to emerged the winner.I consider myself lucky to win this event because of my last minutes " mamak " against my opponents that is Fairul Yusuf and Suhaidi Mustaffa.Norazmi Mohd Nor finished second and Abdul Rahim Ramli was third by beating Selangor Open prize winner Mohd Khair Wahiduddin.

Below are list of top ten winners.

1. Muhammad Arshad RM300
2.Norazmi Mohd Nor RM200
3.Abdul Rahim Ramli RM150
4.Suhaidi Mustffa RM100
5.Mohd Khair Wahiduddin
6.Ali Akhbar
7.Ramli Setapa
8.Fairul Yusuff
9.Abdul Kadir Jailani
10. Abdul Khalid Musa

Full cross table here

Monday, May 04, 2009



Nor Ilhamuddin 19th place

Muhammad Syazwan Zulkifli 30th place

The Selangor Open just ended yesterday ,no doubt that Nicholas Chan proved he is among the top chess players in the country with the effortless 2456 rating performance.As for the our Terengganu players who took part in the event the mission are more or less are to get rating,but I think our players give a good fight to higher seeded players in between the round.Overall I am quite happy with our juniors performance in this event.Some of them gained rating after completing this event.Let see how they finished the event.

1.Nor Ilhamuddin Shaikh Ali 5.5 points and 1925 rating performances
2.Khairul Nazrin A Nashir 5.5 points and 1805 rating performance
3.Fairul Yusuf 5.5 points and 1816 rating performence
4.Siddiq Husainy Hasbullah 5.5 points and 1834 rating performance
5.Muhammad Syazwan Zulkifli 5 points and 1935 rating performance
6.Muhammad Arshad 5 points and 1821 rating performance
7.Ahmad Rizal Othman 4.5 points and 1900 rating performance
8.Abdul Kadir Jailani Ramli 4.5 points 1863 rating performance.
9.Muhd Asyraf Zakaria 4.5 points and 1719 rating performances
10.Wan Aizuddin Wan Razali 3.5 points and 1598 rating performance.

Among the Terengganu players Muhammad Syazwan scored the highest rating performance and he is followed by Nor Ilhamuddin Shaik Ali and Ahmad Rizal Othman.