Saturday, September 18, 2010


Now you can play online chess everywere  on the internet.As such just go to your favourite website and instantly you can play whoever you choosed.My favourite place for the last three years is, started goes online on 14th September 2001 and celebrated birthday a few days ago.They are thousand players online at a time and mostly European players.To play at you can download free software here.

There are also many players from American continent,a little bit from African.For Asian countries there a lot of players from India.But  majority of the players are from Germany.Few Malaysian are here most of them used nickname like me , I used nickname Speedweb.Other strong Malaysian players that I know who are playing at playchess are Jimmy Liew ,Sumant ,Edward Lee ,NM Evan Capel ,FM Anas Nazrin and Fairin Zakaria.VVIP players like Niger Short ,Gasimov ,Anish Giri and other top GMs are frequent players here and I am  able to watch them play at the main playing hall.

Highest rating that I achieved is 1840 plus and the strongest played that I ever played was under nickname Harryp0tter who has 2617 rating .Second highest rated played that I played was  Uvo who has 2542 rating.Of course I easily lose both games to them.Normally strong players did not accept your challenge.So how I was able to play with someone who are rated higher then me?

Actually organise blitz tournament everyday except on Friday and Monday night Malaysian time.Time control range from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.In order to play in the blitz tournament you have to a premium member like me.During playing at the bliz tournament I rarely see Malaysian taking part.

.One year membership is €30,00 and for premium membership will cost  €50,00.Premium member can follow live broadcast from top tournaments.Maybe expensive for most of us but I think it s worth your money if you buy the ori Fritz 12 or Rybka 4 as its come with premium membership for one year.You may order from me if you interested.

For example last year I was able to watch Nur Nabila playing at the top board during world junior championship in Turkey.Beside live broadcast premium member able to organise tournament and invite other to play.

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