Thursday, December 18, 2008


After two rounds of play FM Mok Tze Meng is leading the event and followed closely by Ian Udani also with 2 points.Udani beat Terengganu MSSM under 18 third place winner Abdul Kadir Jailani.3 local players are sharing 3rd to 5th placing ,Fairul Yusuf make the biggest upset today in the first round by beating well known player Kamaluddin Yusuf.


Kamaluddin Yusuf lost to Fairul Yusuf .

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


  1. IM Mas Hafezul Hilmi Agus Abdul Rahman 2439
  2. FM Mok Tze Meng 2308
  3. Kamludin Yusuf 2184
  4. Ian Udani 2181 (PHI )
  5. Mohd Kamal Abdullah 2146
  6. Abdullah Che Hassan 2125
  7. Md Fadli Zakaria 2121
  8. Mustafa KAmal Zamhuri 2121
  9. Ismail Ahmad 2106
  10. Zarul Shazwan Zullkafli 2085
  11. Osric Mooi 2050 (SIN)
  12. Zarul Shafiq Zullkafli 2047
  13. Faizal Andin 1997
  14. Lim Kian Hwa 1964
  15. Ahmad Afiq Afyfy 1929
  16. John Harry Pereira 1926 (SIN)
  17. Mohan Raj 1916
  18. Zulkafli Mat Daud 1883
  19. Francois Wolfaardt 1858 (South Africa)
  20. Norazman Ismail 1821
  21. Abang Zain Draup 1778
  22. David Gates 1738 (ENG)
  23. Hj Abang Azman Draup 1714
  24. Dr Abang Draup Zamanhari 1656
  25. Syazrin Abdul Rahman 1507
  26. Syed Iskandar Shah


  1. Hashim Jusoh
  2. Abdul Rahim Ramli
  3. Heng Aik Kiat
  4. Hisamullah Harun
  5. Md Hafez Hilmi Harun
  6. Mohd Pouzi Hamzah
  7. Muhd Asyraf Zakaria
  8. Muhd Syazwan Zulkifli
  9. Mohd Aiman Azani
  10. Mohd Amirul Zahanuddin
  11. Mohd Huzaimi Abd Jalal
  12. Mohd Khairul Nazrin A Nashir
  13. Munir Azmi Muhd
  14. Mat Jusoh Omar
  15. Mohd Sallehuddin Mohd Salleh
  16. Najwah Aziz
  17. Nor Azma Adilla Alias
  18. Ahmad Syukri Ismail
  19. Ahmad Faez Azmi
  20. Alias Mohd Amin
  21. Abd Latif Abd Halim
  22. Abdul Kadir Jailani Ramli
  23. Ahmad Akif Abd Rahim
  24. Ahmad Ariff Abd Rahim
  25. Ahmad Rizal Othman
  26. Ahmad Ariff Ramli
  27. Siti Noraihan Md Shaifuddin
  28. Siti Aisyah Sabirin
  29. Salleh Omar
  30. Suhaidi Mustaffa
  31. Siddiq Husainy Hasbullah
  32. Peteer Jabir
  33. Rozamzam Ibrahim
  34. Ruzenan Abu Bakar
  35. Ramli Setapa
  36. Wan Aizuddin Wan Razali
  37. Zaimah Abdullah
  38. Zulkefeli Jusoh
  39. Zaharuddin Sulaiman
  40. Che Mohd Rizal Ibrahim
  41. Fairul Yusuf
  42. Gani Kadir
  43. Amira Syamina Zullkafli

17th Disember 2008 players meeting at 5.00 pm

18th Disember 2008 9.00 am Round 1

18th Disember 2008 3.00 pm Round 2

19th Disember 2008 9.00 am Round 3

19th Disember 2008 3.00 pm Round 4

20th Disember 2008 9.00 am Round 5

20th Disember 2008 3.00 pm Round 6

21th Disember 2008 9.00 am Round 7

21th Disember 2008 3.00 pm Round 8

22th Disember 2008 9.00 am Round 9


All outstation players who require accomodation please contact Muhammad Arshad tel no 012 9210841 for assistance.Participant will be charge RM10 perday/ person.The Universiti Malaysia Terengganu hostel is 30 minute from playing venue.Travelling time from hostel to playing venue is about 30 minute and arrangeable.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


At Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT),Mengabang Telipot today has just started National Police Inteam Chess Champioship.Fourteen teams represent police force vieying for the title.Among notable players who are playing in this event is Mohd Azan Saranon.Ismail Ahmad choose to be an arbiter for this event.More update later.

Monday, December 01, 2008


NM Kamal Abdullah continue his winning form to capture the Gerakhas Open yesterday.Kamal score 6.5 points from seven games.Finished second is experienced player Kamaludin Yusuf who also have similiar points but lower tie break.FM Anas Nazreen Bakri who played his first tournament after completed his examination finished 3rd with 5.5 points.Ismail Ahmad scored 5 points followed by Wan Ali Wan Manan and 3 Terengganu players Ruzenan Abu Bakar , Hashim Jusoh and Fairul Yusuf.
  1. NM Mohd Kamal Abdullah 6.5 points RM500
  2. Kamaludin Yusuf 6.5 points RM300
  3. FM Anas Nazreen Bakri 6.5 points
  4. Ismail Ahmad 5 points
  5. Wan Ali Wan Manan 5 points
  6. Ruzenan Abu Bakar 5 points
  7. Hashim Jusoh 5 points
  8. Fairul Yusuf 5 points'
  9. Ahmad Faisal 4.5 points
  10. Khairul Azam 4 points

Friday, November 28, 2008


Udm is sending one team to take part in the 13th Grand asian Chess championship at University Malaysia starting from 29th November to 6th Disember 2008. This is the first time UDM taking part in the event.The team consisting 3 men and 3 girls is expected to give a strong challenges in this annual event.The team is headed by Mohd Azrul Aminur Rashid an experience player.List of Udm players are Najwa Aziz , Mashitah Zainol Abidin , Mohd Razif Abdul Rahman and Mohd Firuddin Mat Zin

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Below are the list of rated players who has confirm their participant in the Grandfinal of Pencarian Jaguh Catur Terengganu between 18 to 22nd December 2008.For those who interested to play please register now.The first 30 players who register will receive free t shirt .
  1. Ismail Ahmad (confirm and paid )
  2. Lim Kian Hwa (confirm)
  3. Ian Udani (confirm)
  4. Abdullah Che Hassan (confirm)
  5. Kamaluddin Yusuf (confirm and paid)
  6. Mohd Kamal Abdullah (confirm and paid)
  7. Ahmad Afiq AfyFy (Confirm )
  8. Zamanhari Abang Darup (Confirm )
  9. Hj Abang Azman Draup (Confirm )
  10. Abang Zain Draup (Confirm )
  11. Md Fadli Zakaria (Confirm )
  12. Mohan Raj
  13. Francois Wolfaardt (Confirm)
  14. David Gate (Confirm)
  15. John Harry Pereira (Confirm)
  16. Kamalariffin Wahiduddin
  17. Faizal Andin
  18. Syazrin Abdul Rahman ( Confirm and paid )
  19. Zarul Syazwan Zullkafli
  20. Zarul Shafiq Zullkafli
  21. FM Mok Tze Meng (Confirm)
  22. Mustafa Kamal Zamhuri ( Confirm)
  23. Osric Mooi (confirm )
  24. Norazman Ismail ( Confirm )

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Rules and regulation of Pencarian Jaguh Catur Terengganu 2008

  • The Terengganu State Government with coordination of Pusat Minda Terengganu are the organiser of this event.Pencarian Jaguh Catur Terengganu Grandfinal ( Searching for the Terengganu Chess Champion.The playing venue will be at Terengganu Trade Center.

  • Playing schedule :

Wednesday 17th December 2008 .Registration and players meeting at 5.00 pm

Thursday 18th December 2008. Round 1 : 0900 hours

Thursday 18th December 2008. Round 2 : 1500 hours

Friday 19th December 2008 Round 3 : 0900 hours

Friday 19th December 2008 Round 4 : 1500 hours

Saturday 20th December 2008 Round 5 : 0900 hours

Saturday 20th December 2008 Round 6 : 1500 hours

Sunday 21th December 2008 Round 6 : 0900 hours

Sunday 21th December 2008 Round 7 : 1500 hours

Monday 22th Desember 2008 Round 8 : 0900 hours

Monday 22th Desember 2008 Round 9 :0900 hours

Prize giving at 2.00 Pm.

  • This event will be FIDE rated.
  • Tie break : Solkoff , SB, progressive score and personal encounter.
  • Closing for registration 10th December 2008
  • Entry fee RM50
  • The first 30 fide rated players who register will receive T shirt
  • Prize money for open section
  • To register email to
  • Accomodation : RM10 / day at Universiti Malaysia Terengganu
  • Tel / mobile 012 9210841
  1. RM5000
  2. RM3,500
  3. RM2,500
  4. RM 2,000
  5. RM1,500
  6. RM1,000
  7. RM 800
  8. RM700
  9. RM500
  10. RM500
  1. RM1000
  2. RM700
  3. RM500
  4. RM400
  5. RM300
  6. RM200
  7. RM150
  8. RM150
  9. RM100
  10. RM100
  1. RM500
  2. RM300
  3. RM200
  1. RM350
  2. RM300
  3. RM200


After five completed series of Pencarian Jaguh Catur Terengganu (Searching for the Terengganu Chess Champion) Hashim Jusoh emerged as top player in the grandprix standing with 420 points, leading by 100 points gap with the second place Norazmi Mohd Nor, thus confirmed his status as top Terengganu state chess player. Hashim started his career since 1987 represented Terengganu in many national tournaments. Due to work commitment he was unable to participate actively in rated chess tournament such as as Selangor Open or Malaysia Open.
The Grand final event is a good platform for Terengganu players to gain Fide rating ( minimun 9 game against rated players to get rating ).The initiative was introduced by Dato Seri Idris Jusoh with the purpose of mind base learning activity /development .Pusat Minda (Mindcet) was mandated to organise the whole chess events in Terengganu. The programme was well accepted and participated by chess players in Terengganu as well in Malaysia.Below grandprix points standing after five series.Top 23 players from open section automatically qualify for the grand final follow by five players in under 18 section and 3 players in under 12 section.
  1. Hashim Jusoh 420 points
  2. NorAzmi Mohd Nor 302 points
  3. Abdul Rahim Ramli 287 points
  4. Fairul Yusuf 287 points
  5. Abd Kadir Jailani 276 points
  6. Heng Aik Kiat 252 points
  7. Suhaidi Mustaffa 252 points
  8. Muhammad Arshad 231 (I played 4 series only guy )
  9. Gani Kadir 194 points
  10. Abd Latif Halim 190 points
  11. Alias Mohd Amin 171 points
  12. Ahmad Rizal Othman 146 points
  13. Hisamullah Harun 146 points
  14. Izuddin Abd Salam 136 points
  15. Salleh Omar 76 points
  16. Norazma Adilla Alias 75 points
  17. Mohd Razif Abd Rahman 73 points
  18. Zaharuddin Sulaiman 70 points
  19. Muhd Asyraf Zakaria 66 points
  20. Mohd Azrul Aminul Rashid 62 points
  21. Ramli Setapa 52 points
  22. Ruzenan Abu Bakar 52 points
  23. Wan Tarmizi Wan Sulaiman 51 points
  1. Peteer Jabir 42 points
  2. Hamedi Zaidi Mamat Sidek 48 points
  3. Najwah Aziz 46 points
  4. Mohd Rosli Md Rashid 26 points
  5. Md Syazwan Zulkifli 33 points
  6. Rozamzam Ibrahim 30 points
  7. Abd Rahim Jusoh 27 points
  8. Mat Jusoh Omar 25 points
  9. Che Md Rizal Ibrahim 24 points
  10. Zulkefeli Jusoh 20 points
  11. Md Lazim Salleh 20 points
  12. Munir Azmi Muhd 16 points
  13. Noor Shaari Harun points
  14. Md Pouzi Hamazah 14 points
  15. Ahmad Arif Abd Rahim 12 points
  16. Zahanuddin Zainal Abidin 9 points
  17. Musthasor Muhktar 8 points
  18. Benjamin Ariaputra 7 points
  19. Rahizan Rasli 6 points
  20. Othman Daud 5 points
  21. Md Hanif Md Nizam 4 points
  22. Md Salem Abd Rahman 4 points
  23. Wan Aizuddin Wan Razali 3 points
  24. Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Abd Rahman 3 points
  25. HAsnul Sazwan Hassan 2 points
  26. Azhar Ismail 2 points
  27. Wan Md Abzal wan Melo 0 points
  28. Irwan Ahmad 0 points
  29. Wan Ammar Fikri Wan Ali 0 points
  30. Aikap Dunding 0 points
  31. Mat Idris Saman 0 points
  32. Zafri Abd Kadir 0 points
  33. Md Mirza Saidin 0 points
  34. Nur Ain Adawiyah Zahri 0 points
  1. Md Khairul Nazrin A Nashir
  2. Md Amirul Zahanuddin
  3. Ahmad Jallaullah Md
  4. Ahmad FAez Azmi
  5. Siti Noraihan Md Shaifuddin
  6. Ahmad Syukri Ismail
  1. Md Huzaimi Abd Jalal
  2. Mohd Aiman Azani
  3. Siti Aisyah Sabirin

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Hashim Jusoh received prize from Prof Abd Rahim Ramli

Heng Aik Kiat 3rd place

After two days of mind battle top Terengganu player Hashim Jusoh emerged champion base on better tie break although losing a game to second place winner Muhammad Arshad.Here are list of winners of the event.

  1. Hashim Jusoh 6 points RM600
  2. Muhammad Arshad 6 points RM500
  3. Heng Aik Kiat 5.5 points RM400
  4. Suhaidi Mustaffa 5 points RM300
  5. Zailan Abas 5 points RM200
  6. Abdul Kadir Jailani 5 points RM100
  7. Wan Izzuddin Wan Razali 5 points RM100
  8. Fairul Yusuf 4 points RM100
  9. Abdul Rahim Ramli 4 points RM100
  10. Mohd Syazawan Zulkifli 4 points. RM100

Monday, November 03, 2008

This weekend ( 7 th to 8th November ) is the 5th series of Pencarian Jaguh Catur Terengganu before the grandfinal on 18th to 22nd Disember 2008 which is a Fide rated event and the the richest chess event in Malaysia after the Malaysia Open.The Grand final will offer RM18,000 in total prize money and that not included best Terengganu players.The grand final is open to Fide rated players only.In the grandprix point standing Terengganu top player Hashim Jusoh is leading the rest of others players with 320 points ,just 18 points ahead of Norazmi Mohd Nor who have 302.In the third position is Abdul Rahim Ramli who collected 251.This weekend will decide the top 30 players who will qualify to play in the grandfinal.Below is the current standing after 4 series.
  1. Hashim Jusoh 320 points
  2. Norazmi Mohd Nor 302 points
  3. Abdul RAhim Ramli 251 points
  4. Fairul Yusuff 236 points
  5. Abdul Kadir Jailani Ramli 181 points
  6. Heng Aik Kiat 177 points
  7. Gani Kadir 168 points
  8. Suhaidi Mustaffa 165 points
  9. Ahmad Rizal Othman 146 points
  10. Abdul Latif Abd Halim 141 points
  11. Alias Mohd Amin 113 points
  12. Hisamullah Harun 108 points
  13. Muhammad Arshad 107 points ( I played 3 series only )
  14. Izzuddin Abd Salam 76 points
  15. Salleh Omar 75 points
  16. Norazma Adilla Alias 73 points
  17. Mohd Razif Abd Rahman 70 points
  18. Zaharuddin Sulaiman 57 points
  19. Muhd Asyraf Zakaria 56 points
  20. Md Azrul Aminul Rashid 55 points
  21. Ramli Setapa 52 points
  22. Ruzenan Abu Bakar 51 points
  23. Hamedi Zaidi Mamat Sidek 44 points
  24. Wan Tarmizi Wan Sulaiman 42 points
  25. Peteer Jaber 37 points
  26. Md Rosli Abd Rahid 31 points
  27. Muhd Syazwan Zulkifli 30 points
  28. Rozamzam Ibrahim 27 points
  29. Najwah Aziz 26 points
  30. Abd Rahim Jusoh 25 points

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


According to Puan Sufiah Chairperson of MSSM Selangor ( Chess ) when I met her during 2nd UPSI Open last week , she said the Pesta Catur MSSM will be held in Selangor during Mac 2009 school break.Normally the event organised midterm school break.However we all have to wait confirmation from the Education Department.


The first Kuala Krai Open (Kejohanan Catur Terbuka Petra 2 ) just ended on Saturday at SMK Yahya Petra 2 in Kuala Krai Kelantan.More then 100 players took part in this tournament which is won by Kelantan Maksak player Baharuddin Hamzah.Second place won Gahazali Che Kob Bank Pertanian Malaysia retire.Third place secured by Syed Azizi syed Abd Rahman.All 3 winners shared indentical score of 5.5 but Baharuddin was declare the winner and first prize of RM300.
  1. Baharuddin Hamzah ( 5 points )
  2. Ghazali Che Kob ( 5 points )
  3. Syed Azizi Syed Abd Rahman ( 5 points )
  4. Wan Ali WAn Manan ( 5 points )
  5. Nik Ahmad FAruqi (5 points )
  6. Wan Ismail Wan Yusuff ( 4.5 points )
  7. Zulhasmie ( 4 points )
  8. Wan Abd Fatah ( 4 points )
  9. Mohd Amin ( 4 points )
  10. Sahadi Ismail ( 4 points )

  1. Chiew S Hau ( 5 points )
  2. Md Azmanizam ( 5 points )
  3. Md Ilham ( 4.5 points )
  4. Ahmad Hafiza ( 4.5 points )
  5. Pang S Chin ( 4.5 points )
  6. Vnesh (4 points )
  7. Tang S Soon ( 4 points )
  8. Jamidah Dzurie ( 4 points )
  9. Nuraihan ( 4 points )
  10. M.K. Hafizi ( 4 points )
  1. A Zulhilmi ( 6 points )
  2. Md Syazwan ( 5 points )
  3. Wan Md Azmi ( 5 points )
  4. Fadhil Aiman ( 5 points )
  5. Kamalanathan ( 5 points )
  6. Wan Md Imran ( 4.5 points )
  7. Wan Md Ridzuan ( 4.5 points )
  8. S Norashikin ( 4.5 points )
  9. Md Anas ( 4.5 points )
  10. Nik Zulhafiz ( 4 points )
  1. Alif Omar Saufi ( 5.5 points )
  2. Laila Husna ( 5.5 points )
  3. Noor Hisham ( 5 points )
  4. Fatih N Sahariah ( 5 points )
  5. Siti Nur Afiqah ( 5 points )
  6. Hafiz Nuzlan ( 4.5 )
  7. Najihah ( 4 points )
  8. Nur Salsabila ( 4 points )
  9. M Nursyahir ( 4 points )
  10. Muhammad Afham Haikal ( 4 points )

Monday, October 27, 2008


UPSI open champion Ian Udani
Kamaludin Yusuf finished second

3rd place winner NM Mohd Kamal

The second UPSI open just ended yesterday.More then 100 participant took part in this event including Universiti Darul Iman Malaysia who send 9 students including Fairul Yusuf and your truly.The event runs very smoothly by husband and wife team Mr Zullkafly and Puan Sufiah of Selangor.As usual the open winner category won by Ian Udani who really dominated local fast time control.Second is seasoned player Kamaludin Yusuf followed by NM Mohd Kamal Abdullah who crushed Mohd Fadli Zakaria with tarrach variation.Najwah Aziz of UDM won first prize for lady category.


  1. Ian Udani ( 6 points ) RM1000
  2. Kamaludin Yusuf ( 5.5 point ) RM700
  3. NM Mohd Kamal Abdullah (5.5) RM500
  4. Mohd Nabil Azman Hisham (5.5) RM300
  5. Sumant Subramaniam ( 5.5 ) RM RM200
  6. Muhammad Arshad (5.5 ) RM150
  7. Md Fairin Zakaria ( 5.5 ) RM100
  8. Fairul Yusuf (5.5) RM70
  9. Md Fazli Zakaria ( 5.5) RM50
  10. Khalid Musa (5 points) RM50
  1. Najwah Aziz (UDM)

  1. Mohd Irfan Haqqim 6 points
  2. Amira Syamina Zullkafli 5.5 points
  3. Fikri Saleh 5.5 points
  4. Md Faiz Aminuddin 5.5 points
  5. Md Faiz Fitri 5 points
  6. Ahmad Adib 5 points
  7. Md Noor Afif 5 points
  8. Nur Aqiela Hairuddin 4.5 points
  9. Nazrul Aiqwan Aminuddin 4.5 points
  10. Nur Farihah Aminuddin 4.5 points.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Two times champion Nor Azmi Mohd Nor

Ahmad Faiz under 18 champion

Mohd Huzaimi Under 12 champion

Nor Azmi Mohd Nor emerged champion in the 4th series Pencarian Jaguh Catur Terengganu ( Searching for Terengganu chess Champion ).He beat my former " padawan " in the last round to finish with 6 points only losing 1 game to Fairul " Gambit " Yusuf in the 3rd round.Hashim however have to safisfied with second place .Third place won by Fairul Yusuf with 5 points.Fairul however a little bit unlucky for not been able to secure the title for the first time although he beat the eventual winner.

The last and final series will be held on 7th t0 8th November 2008 at Sekolah Rendah Sultan Sulaiman 2 Kuala Terengganu.Top 30 players from 3 categories will play in the Grand Final on 18th to 22nd Disember 2008.The grand final will be FIde rated and non Terengganu players with fide rating only will play.The total prize money for the grand final is RM18.000 promised by the Terengganu State Goverment.This Pencarian Jaguh Catur Terengganu is organised by Pusat Minda Terengganu (Mindcet) establised by former state cheif Minister Dato Seri Idris Jusoh.


  1. Norazmi Mohd Nor RM600
  2. Hashim Jusoh RM500
  3. Fairul Yusuf RM400
  4. Abd Rahim Ramli RM300
  5. Suhaidi Mustaffa RM200
  6. Muhammad Arshad RM150 ( I play slightly better this time )
  7. Alias Md Amin RM100
  8. Salleh Omar RM100
  9. Abd Kadir Jailani RM100
  10. Hisamullah Harun RM100

  1. Ahmad Faez Azmi
  2. Mohd Khairul Nazrin Ahmad Nashir
  3. Ahmad Syukri Aidil
  4. Syed Ahmad Irsyad
  5. Ahmad Bazli
  6. Aminah Syukriah
  7. Mohd Yusuf
  8. Mohd Lukman
  9. Shahrir Jumari
  10. Muhd Ashraf

  1. Mohd Huzaimi Abd Jalal
  2. Mohd Aiman Azani
  3. Mohd Nur Adli
  4. Mohd Rizauddin
  5. Wan Shafiq Adli
  6. Che Mohd Irwan
  7. Arif Farae
  8. Mohd Aiman Zakuan
  9. Tuan Badiuzaman
  10. Ahmad Solehuddin

Friday, October 17, 2008


Fairul Yusuf with ambition to win this event

Hashim Jusoh slow and decisive

After 4 round of play Fairul " Gambit " Yusuf and Hashim Jusoh are leading the tournament with an equal score of 3.5 points.Hashim scored an easy win over your truly in sicilian defence.Meanwhile Fairul beat experienced Nor Azmi Mohd Nor.In the fifth round tomorrow Fairul will play Abdul Kadir Jailani on top board and Hashim is expected to beat the Maksak Terengganu player.Your truly and Abdul Rahim each with 3 points will play each.Tomorrow promises another exciting day for chess scene in Terengganu.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Yahya Petra 2 Kuala Kerai kelantan akan menganjurkan kejohanan catur terbuka pada 25hb Okt 2008 sebagaimana butiran dan maklumat berikut.Sila daftar sebelum 23hb Okt 2008.Kejohanan ini akan diadakan di Dewan SMK Sultan Yahya 2 Petra 2 , Kuala Kerai Kelantan.
Yuran penyertaan Terbuka : RM10.00
Pelajar Sekolah Men dan Ren :RM5.00
Pendaftaran lewat dikenakan caj RM5.00
Hadiah bagi kategori terbuka ( 10 hadiah wang tunai )
1. RM300
2. RM200
3. RM150
5.Tempat ke 5 hingga 10 RM50
Kategori Bawah 18 tahun ,Bawah 15 tahun dan bawah 12 tahun
4.Tempat ke 4 hingga 10 saguhati
Johan dan naib johan dan pemenang ke 3 akan diberikan medal
Disamping sijil penyertaan akan diberikan kepada semua peserta
8.00 hingga 8.30 Pengesahan penyertaan
8.30 pagi hingga 9.00 Pagi Taklimat
9.00 hingga 10.00 Pagi Pusingan 1
10.15 hingga 11.15 pagi Pusingan 2
11.30 hingga 12.30 tgh Pusingan 3
1.50 hingga 2.50 Pusingan 4
3.00 hingga 4.00 Pusingan 5
4.20 hingga 5.20 Pusingan 6
5.30 Petang Penutup
Untuk pendaftaran dan penutup sila hubungi Encik Nik Mohd Azrihan 019 9866428 atau Encik Saiful Akramin no tel 017 8311180.


The much awaiting match between title holder Anand (38) and Kramnik (32)will start at 15.00 in Bonn Germany.They will play 12 games and will share prize money US 2.35 million which is much more then Kasparov and Karpov era.They will play in classical time control ,120 minutes for the first 40 move and 60 minute for the next 20 move ,and 15 minute for the rest of the game plus additional 30 second from move 61.Both players are very familiar with host country, Anand play for Baden Baden in Bundesliga.

In press conference held yesterday Anand says he have been training on and off since April this year for the championship and very eager to defend the title.For this championship Anand will have 4 seconds to assist him S.S Ganguly , Nielsen (Denmark) , Kasimzhanoz and young Polish grandmaster Radoslaw. When asked about the Polish Grandmaster Anand says he met Radoslaw in Bundesliga ,according to Anand they play few time and Radoslaw made positive impression on him technically.

Meanwhile Kramnik will have 3 seconds Peter Leko , Rublevskyi and Fressinet (France).For the record Leko was Anand second in match with Karpov and surely this help Kramnik for this championship.Kramnik has never won classical time control game with blacks pieces against Anand.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


There are two tournament coming after Raya one in Kuala Terengganu the Pencarian Jaguh Catur Terengganu 4th series will be on 17 to 18th of October at Pusat Dangangan Terengganu (TTC).Currently Terengganu top player is leading other players with 233 compare to nearest rival Nor Azmi Mohd Nor with 202 points.

There are a few serious challenger for the title in this series such as Abdul Kadir Jailani , Abdul Rahim Ramli and Fairul Yusuf.They are capable to spring a surprises in the last two event before grand final on 18th Disember which offer RM18,000 in the open section.

The second tournament that coming is in Kuala Krai Kelantan.Sekolah Menengah Yahya Putra 2 will organise one day event on 25th of October 2008.More details later after the organiser give full details for the event.
Chess enthusiast in east coast will look forward for both of the event.


Saya mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan selamat menyambut Hari Raya Aidil Fitri kepada semua kawan kawan , rakan seperjuangan kawan sekerja dan semua pengujung blog ini.Saya juga memohon maaf di atas sebarang kesilapan saya yang tidak saya sedari atau sebarang kata yang mungkin menyakitkan hati anda semua , atau gurauan atau usikan yang telah melukakan perasaan anda.Anda juga adalah dijemput untuk hadir kerumah terbuka saya pada hari Jumaat ini mulai 10 pagi hingga 6 petang.Saya juga mengucapkan tahniah kepada Hisamullah Harun yang telah melansungkan perkahwinan baru baru ini.Majlis recepsi pada 4hb Okt yang bertempat di Marang.Selamat Pengantin Baru semuga tabah menghadapi segala dugaan dan berkekalan sehingga ke anak cucu.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


kenapa tak percaya ?

(picture taken 2003 during BPM allegro your truly vs GM Sermek)

Well as I expected nobody can provided the correct answers to all of my question.I guess you have to be part of it to know the answer or asking to ex commitee members of Terengganu Chess Association.I posted two question :

1.Please give name of 3 grandmaster who visited Terengganu in the last 28 years ?

The answer is Raymond Keene came to Kuala Terengganu in 1980 to give simul.I think up to 20 Terengganu players took part in that event which been played at Kompleks Belia dan Sukan Jalan Pasir Panjang.GM Raymond won 19 game and drew 1 game.Then in 1991 after Commonwealth Chess Championship Peter Long came with Julian Hodgson and the later give simul to 11 Terengganu players and won 10 game and drew 1 game with Hashim Jusoh.Lastly Drazen Sermek came in 2003 to take part in BPM chess allegro and easily won the Terengganu leg.Your truly managed to get a draw with him.I think that answer all of my questions that I posted earlier.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Dear chess friend I will give 1 set of chess set for the right answer for the question below

1. Please give name of 3 grandmasters who visited Terengganu in last 28 years ?

2. Please give me names of 2 grandmasters who give simultaneous exhibition in Terengganu ?

I be happy to give 1 set of chess set for every correct answer.Do you think you know ?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


1988 Terengganu Open winner late Cikgu Mustaffa Mohd
Wan Zunida Wan Mohd Nor received prize from
Mohd Azemi Awang Chik of MSN.Recently she called
me and still eager to play.Now married with 3 kids.

Do you recognise the small boy here ?

Can you name the 3 players who is still around today?

1993 Terengganu Open Champion Ghalam Sani Dato Abd Rashid
of Terengganu (many times winner of open as well as the state
champion now retire from chess scene.)

I have been involved in chess activity in Terengganu since late 1980 either as a player or organiser,maybe some of you not even born yet.During that time we have up to four tournament per year and that including the Terengganu open which we normally organise in month of August.The first Terengganu open was held in 1988 at Pantai Batu Burok coinside with Pesta Pantai and they are three categories contested.The open section was won by Mustaffa Mohd and Lim Sin Leong won the novice section ,regretfuly I dont remember whose is the winner for under 12 section.In fact I lost all the records of most of our tournament held in Terengganu.But I managed to salvage some of the evidance of chess activities in form of pictures.Those picture are all taken during 1993 Terengganu Open which was held in front of ex Terengganu State Library at Jalan Sultan Ismail.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


After 3 series of Pencarian Jaguh Catur Terengganu Hashim Jusoh is leading other players with 233 grand prix points, already winning 1 series and finished with comfortable position in 2 series he almost sure for a place in the grand final.Hashim is closely followed by Norazmi Mohd Nor who have 202 points and Abdul Rahim Ramli with 185 points.

In under 18 category Khairul Nazrin Ahmad Nashir is leading other with 241 point, second place is Mohd Amirul Zahanuddin with 219 points.Third place is Ahmad Jalalullah Mohd.Lastly in under 12 category Mohd Huzaimi Abd Jalal on the top spot with 274 point , second place Mohd Aiman Azani 245 and third place is Siti Asiah Sabirin with 232 points.
The Grand final of Pencarian Jaguh Catur Terengganu will be play at Pusat Dagangan Terengganu on 18th to 22nd Disember 2008 , the event will be rated and total prize money offer is RM18,000.Only top 30 players from the 3 categories will be selected to play in the grand final.
  • Grand prix points shown for top 20 pointer in open section only
  1. Hashim Jusoh 233
  2. Nor Azmi Mohd Nor 202
  3. Abd Rahim Ramli 185
  4. Fairul Yusuf 161
  5. Heng Aik Kiat 151
  6. Gani Kadir 148
  7. Abd Kadir Jailani 145
  8. Ahmad Rizal Othman 124
  9. Abd Latif Abd Halim 111
  10. Suhaidi Mustaffa 107
  11. Hisamullah Harun 76
  12. Alias Mohd Amin 68
  13. Nor Azma Adila Alias 59
  14. Mohd Razif Abd Rahman 58
  15. Zaharuddin Sulaiman 57
  16. Muhammad Arshad 56 ( I played 2 series only ma )
  17. Mohd Asyraf Zakaria 56
  18. Izzuddin Abd Salam 52
  19. Ruzenan Abu Bakar 51
  20. Hamedi Zaidi Mamat Sidek 44

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


If you intrested to play in the Grand final of Pencarian Jaguh Catur please register here : For non Terengganu players with Fide rating only.Your name and email and contact number (only your name will appear ).

  1. Ismail Ahmad
  2. Lim Kian Hwa
  3. Syed Iskandar
  4. Marzuki Mat
  5. Afiq Afyfy
  6. Tun Seri Lanang
  7. Kamaluddin Yusuf
  8. Mohd Fairin Zakaria
  9. Kamalariffin Wahiduddin
  10. Nik Ahmad Faruqi
  11. Mohd Hussin Jamil
  12. Mohd Shakir Syazmir Azhar
  13. Mohd Kamal Abdullah
  14. Md Fadli Zakaria
  15. NM Edward Lee
  16. Ian Udani
  17. Pereira Johnharry (Fide 1927)
  18. David Gates (Fide 1738)
  19. Abdullah Che Hassan
  20. Faizal Andin
  21. Mat Zaki Yeop
  22. Syazrin Abdul Rahman
  23. Azizul Mat Daud


Pencarian Jaguh Catur Terengganu Grand Final will be held on 18 t0 22rd of December at Terengganu Trade Center (TTC).This event will be rated and only FIDE rated players will be invited.Pusat Minda Terengganu currently organising 5 series of state level chess event , 3 series already held and two more will be organise in October and November. Only 30 selected players from 5 series who accumulated highest points will be invited to play in the grand final.Only players with FIDE rating will be accepted to play in the grand final.The tournament will offer total prize money of RM18,000.

Participants who are playing this series represents their districts in Terengganu.Pusat Minda Terengganu was established by former chief minister of Terengganu Dato Seri Haji Idris Jusoh and Dr Wan Shaari Wan Ismail is Chief Operation Officer.Pusat Minda Terengganu and State Government will definitely will boost quality and quantity Terengganu chess in general with its programs.
Ever since the introduction of Pencarian Jaguh Catur Terengganu a lot of new faces emerge.Hopefully Pusat Minda and State Government will continue to support chess activities in Terengganu for long time.Below are details of Grand final Pencarian Jaguh Catur Terengganu.All tournament details will be finalised by Pusat Minda Terengganu (Mindcet).The official entry form distribute by Pusat Minda Terengganu later.
  • Date 18 to 22 nd Disember 2008
  • Place Pusat Dagangan Terengganu (TTC)
  • Organiser Pusat Minda Terenggan and Terengganu State Government
  • Type of event : Fide rated event ( 9 round )
  • Number of round: 9 round
  • Time control :90 minute plus 30 second increment
  • Participant : FIDE rated players only
  • Entry Fee : RM50
  • Playing schedule : two round per day except on final day (22nd Disember)
  • Prize fund

  1. RM5,000
  2. RM3,500
  3. RM2,500
  4. RM2,000
  5. RM1,500
  6. RM1,000
  7. RM 800
  8. RM 700
  9. RM 500
  10. RM 500

More details will be post later.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Local chess player of Dungun Suhaidi Mustaffa simply too good for others players to catch up in Dungun Open chess tournament which ended yesterday.He collected 6 points in a row and RM500 to become Dungun Open champion.Hashim Jusoh with 5.5 points finished second place and Pahang player Sulaiman Johari 5.5 points end up third place.Full results below.

  1. Suhaidi Mustaffa 6 points (RM300)
  2. Hashim Jusoh 5.5 points (RM300)
  3. Sulaiman Johari 5.5 points (RM200)
  4. Fairul Yusof 5.5 points (RM200)
  5. Md Khair Wahiduddin 5.5 points (RM100)
  6. Abd Kadir Jailani 5.5 points (RM50)
  7. Syed Azizi Abd Rahman 5 points (RM50)
  8. Mohd Azrul Abd Majid 5 points (RM50)
  9. Hamidi Taib 5 points (RM50)
  10. Hisamullah Harun 5 points (RM50)

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Kuantan base player Abdul Khalid Musa emerged champion in the HUSM open last week.He scored 5.5 points to grab 1st place followed by local player Nik Mohd Nazri Nik Hassan who also have indentitical score with Abd Khalid.Kelantan Maksak player Baharuddin Hamzah finished third with 5 points.Forty seven players took part in this open section.

In under 18 section Zulhashime Zulkifli easily scored 6 points to finish ahead of 92 players in this category.Second prize winner won by Muhd Alif Fitri Hanipa with 5.5 points.Third place goes to Ahmad Zulhilmi Sahadi.

Alif Omar Mohd Saufi scored 5.5 points in under 12 section to finished 1st and Laila Husna Sahadi with 5 points finished second.Third place won by Mohd Afham Haikal with 4.5 points.

This annual event was organise by HUSM medical students.

  1. Abdul Khalid Musa
  2. nik Mohd Nazri Nik Hassan
  3. Baharuddin Hamzah
  4. Cheong Wan Lye
  5. Khairul Azmadi Abd Razak
  6. Muhd Ariji Hasan Basri
  7. Yu Kang Ean
  8. Zakuam Zainy
  9. Mohd Bakri Jusoh
  10. Ismail Hassan

  1. Zulhasmime Zulkifli
  2. Muhd Alif Fitri Hanipa
  3. A Zulhilmi Sahadi
  4. Muhd Ariez Azman
  5. Malihah atirah Mohd
  6. Mohd azmanizam Azmi
  7. Wan Aemellia Elisha Wan Azzlan
  8. Ahmad Hafiza Yusof
  9. Muhd Noor Khairullah anuar
  10. Muhd Syahmi Ruslan

  1. Alif Omar Mohd Saufi
  2. Laila Husna Sahadi
  3. Mohd Afham Haikal
  4. Edry Emil Hakeem
  5. Siti Nur Afiqah
  6. M Nor Faisal anual Saidy
  7. Muhd Faris Hasnan
  8. Najihah Mohd Saufi
  9. Nur Hanis Natasha Roslan
  10. Abbas Zainy

Friday, August 29, 2008


Tomorrow is the last tournament in Terengganu before puasa time.Dungun open is organise by UITM Dungun.More then 100 players is expected to take part in this event.This event will be divided into 3 categories open,novice and under 12.Top prize in open section is RM500 and players from Kuantan and Kota Bharu are expected to take part.To register please call tournament arbiter Adnan Salleh at 012 9375722.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


3rd Series Pencarian Jaguh Catur Terengganu winner

Abdul Kadir Jailani emerged champion in the 3rd series of Pencarian Jaguh Catur Terengganu which ended this afternoon.He scored 6 points from seven round including two drew with Ahmad Rizal Othman and Fairul Yusuf.Fairul Yusuf fineshed second with 5.5 points followed by Hashim Jusoh who also scored 5.5 points.

Ahmad Faez Azmi won the under 18 category with 6 points ( should play in open section only) second place won by Ahmad Jalalullah Mohammad and third place goes to Mohd Amirul Zahanuddin.Best girl goes to Siti Nor Raihan Mphd Saifuldin.

In under 12 Mohd Aiman Azani scored 6 points followed by Mohd Huzaimi Abdul Jalal with 5.5 points.Third place goes to Arif Farae Mohd Salim with 5.5 points.

Prize were give by Dato Saidi Mohamad CEO of Pusat Minda Terengganu who organise this Pencarian Jaguh Catur Terengganu.4th series will be play in October and November and grand final will on 18 to 22nd Disember 2008.


  1. Abdul Kadir Jailani ( 6 points ) (RM600 )
  2. Fairul Yusuff ( 5.5 points ) (RM500 )
  3. Hashim Jusoh (5.5 points ) (RM400 )
  4. Ahmad Rizal Othman (5 points ) ( RM300 )
  5. Abdul Rahim Ramli ( 5 points ) (RM200 )
  6. Nor Azma Adilla (4.5 points ) (RM100 )
  7. Heng Aik Kiat ( 4.5 points ) (RM100 )
  8. Hisamullah Harun ( 4.5 points ) (RM100 )
  9. Nor Azmi Mohd Nor (4 points ) (RM100 )
  10. Muhammad Arshad ( points ) (RM100 ) !!

  1. Ahmad Faez Azmi ( 6 points )
  2. Ahmad Jalalullah Mohamad (5.5 points)
  3. Mohd Khairul Nazrin A. Nashir (5 points)
  4. Mohd Amirul Zahanuddin ( 5 points )
  5. Md Dzafrul Haziq Hasuni ( 5 points )
  6. Siti Nor Raihan Md Saifuffin ( 4.5 points )
  7. Ahmad Syukri Ismail (4.5 points )
  8. Ahmad Akif abd Rahim ( 4.5 points )
  9. Zharif Hazwan Zahari ( 4 points )
  10. Syed Ahmad Irsyad Sulaiman (4 points)

  1. Mohd Aiman Azani (6 points)
  2. Mohd Huzaimi Abdul Jalal (5.5 points)
  3. Arif Farae Mohd Salim (5.5 points )
  4. Siti Aisyah Sabirin ( 5 points )
  5. Mohd Rizauddin Che Riah ( 4.5 points )
  6. Mohd Nur adli Abd Latif ( 4.5 points )
  7. Mubin Nor Azmi (4.5 points )
  8. Mohd Syafiq Adlee Che Baharuddin ( 4.5 points )
  9. Mohd Aiman Zakwan Azmi (4.5 points )
  10. Siti Khadijah Sabirin ( 4 points )

Friday, August 22, 2008


There is small chess tournament started on Saturday at Hospital Kubang Kerian Kelantan.This event is organise by HUSM medical student.The tournament will be divided into 3 categorie open,under 18 and under 12.For info please call Adnan Salleh at 012 9375722.


UITM Terengganu at Dungun will organise one day chess event at it campus on 30th August.This even is open to all.For registration please call Nor Azmi 012 5560460.

Tournament Details: 30th August 2008

  1. Organiser UITM Terengganu
  2. Place UITM Dungun
  3. Venue Dewan 8 A (to be confirm )
  4. Format swiss system 7 round
  5. Time control 30 minutes to finish
  6. Category open, novice and under 12
  7. Entry fee open (RM15).novice (RM10) ,under 12 (RM5.00)
  8. Tournament Arbiter Adnan Salleh 012 9375722

Playing Schedule ,First round will be start at 9.00 am (30th August 2008)

Registration ( 8.00 - 8.45)

Round 1. 9.00 am to 10.00 am

Closing ceremony at 6.00 pm.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Merdeka chess tournament is a must for every Malaysian chess players.This event initiated by Persatuan Catur Melayu Malaysia in early eighties.Terengganu players never misses this event for many years.Lately we didn't send a representative to this Malaysia premier due to work and family commitment.Anyway we have our very owned Nur Ilhamuddin Shaik Ali who is working in Kuala Lumpur and currently is playing in the AMbank Chess Challenge.

May be you don't know him well.I came to know him way back in 1987.He started to play chess in primary school and continue to play until now.He won many local tournament in Terengganu and I consider him as very strong among Terengganu top players.Ilhamuddin represent Terengganu in MSSM championship and merdeka team event for many years.He is active taking part in Kelang valley tournament.Recenly he achieved FIDE rating with 2059 thus making him the first Terengganu FIDE rated player

In this on going AMbank chess challenge at Midvalley ,Ilham currently have 2 points from four round losing to Bangladeshi and Indonesian players.Let us wish him good luck and success in this event.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Prize winners for Temerloh Open.

  • Open section
  1. NM Zarul Syazwan Zulkaflli (6.5 points) (RM1000)
  2. Abdullah Che Hassan (6.o points) (RM500)
  3. Md Izz Saifuddin (5.5 points) (RM400)
  4. MD Fadli Zakaria (5.5 points) (RM350)
  5. Sumant Subramaniam (5.5 points) (RM250)
  6. Abd Khalid Musa (5.0 points) (RM180)
  7. Zarul Shafiq Zulkaffli (5.0 point) (RM80)
  8. Shaharuddin Said (5.0 points) (RM60)
  9. Sulaiman Johari (5.0 points) (RM50)
  10. Sukur Mustaffa (5.0 points) (RM50)

  1. Shaharuddin Said (RM250)
  2. Sukur Mustaffa (RM200)
  3. Zakaria Saleh ( RM150)
  4. FAkri Ahmad ( RM100)
  5. Jamaluddin Salleh ( RM90 )

  1. Amira Syamina Zullkafli (RM100 )
  2. Siti Aisyah Sabirin (RM70)

Saturday, August 16, 2008


A total of 64 players are currently taking part in 3rd Temerloh Open 2008.Majority of participant coming from Pahang and 4 players from Terengganu.Six fide rated players are also taking part in this event.After 3 rounds Abdullah Che Hassan is currently leading the tournament with 4 others players.There are still four more round to play tomorow and Temerloh member of parliment will give away prizes.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Pencarian Jaguh Catur Terengganu will continue on 22nd to 23rd August 2008.As usual the tournament will be divided into 3 category open, under 18 and under 12.In the last two series Hashim and Norazmi were champion.This two players are the dominance players in Terengganu chess scenario for the last 10 years.Others players may find difficult to break in unless unexpected results happened.But chances for other players to finished in top five are there if they working hard to improve.
In under 18 section mostly top five winners are dominated by Terengganu representative in MSSM.Seems that gap between state junior players with non state players are wide.The state junior players performance in recent MSSM is very humble ,( except for few players) this what I always believed for long time juniors state players (under 18) only be allowed to play in open section.Without this kind of exposure they will improve.So let non state players play with each other in this section.
Next week will see wheater Md Huzaimi ( I think this boy should play in under 18) could recover from loses to Siti Aisyah in under 12 section.The fast improving Siti Aisyah and her sister Siti Khadijah are catching up with Huzaimi who dominated under 12 section for few years already.Huzaimi is not making any significant progress for the last one year.
Now Pusat Minda Terengganu under leaderships of Dato Saidi and Dr Wan Shaari is planning to have weekly coaching lesson for the selected players.Hopefully this moves will benefits the junior players.Lastly , guys get ready for third series on 22-23rd August , see you all there.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Fairul Yusuf
Salwa of Pusat Minda

Najwah Best lady

  1. Hashim Jusoh (6.5 points)
  2. Abd Rahim Ramli (5.5 points)
  3. Abd Latif Abd Halim (5.5 points)
  4. Nor Azmi Mohd Nor (5.0 points)
  5. Fairul Yusuf (4.5 points)
  6. Gani Kadir (4.5 points)
  7. Zaharuddin Sulaiman (4.5 points)
  8. Heng Aik Kiat (4.5 points)
  9. Ahmad Rizal Othman (4.0 points)
  10. Md Razif Abd Rahman (4.0 points)
  1. Md Khairul Nazrin Ahmad Nashir (6.5 points)
  2. Ahmad Syukri Ismail (6.0 points)
  3. Ahmad Jalalullah md (5.0 points)
  4. Md Amirul Zahanuddin (5.0 points)
  5. Siti Noraihan Md Saifuddin (5.0 points)
  6. Md Lukman Asok Kumar (5.0 points)
  7. Ahmad Akif Abd Rahim (4.5 points)
  8. Md Amiru Azri Emra (4.0 point)
  9. Aminah Syukriah M.Salem (4.0 points)
  10. Shahril Jumari Zaid ( 4.0 points)

  1. Siti Asiah Sabirin (6.0 Points)
  2. Md HuzaimI Abd Jalal (6.0 points)
  3. Siti Khadijah Sabirin (5.5 points )
  4. Md Syarhan Md Zaimi (5.5 points)
  5. Md Aiman Azani (5.0 points)
  6. Md Rizauddin Che Riah (4.5 points)
  7. Mubin Nor azmi (4.5 points)
  8. Md aiman Zakwan Azmi ( 4.0 points)
  9. Md Syafiq Adlee Che Baharuddin (4.0 points)
  10. Wan Md Farizuan Naquiddin Nprizan (4.0 points)


Gas Vs Oil Business
Ruzenan Abu Bakar team Oil Business


Petronas East Coast Sports carnival ended yesterday.Six teams from various Petronas department took part in the two days event.Team Petronas Gas overtook Oil Business team by 14.5 to 14 points.Defending champion Oil Business failed to retain the title this year.The team slightly weaked by the absence of International Master Mas Hafizul Hilmi.Last year Oil Business easily win the tournament by big margin.Full result below.

  • Business support (0-4) Oil Business
  • Petchem (4-0) Expro
  • Gas Business (3-1) Gebeng Raiders

  • Oil Business (3-1) Gebeng
  • Expro ( 1-3 ) Gas Business
  • Business Support (1-3 ) Petchem

  • Petchem ( 2- 2 ) Oil Business
  • Gas Business ( 4-0 ) Business Support
  • Gebeng ( 4- 0) Expro

  • Oil Business ( 3- 1 ) Expro
  • Business Support ( 1- 3 ) Gebeng
  • Petchem ( 1.5 - 2.5 ) Gas Business

  • Gas Business ( 2 -2 ) Oil Business
  • Gebeng (1.5 - 2.5 ) Petchem
  • Expro (1- 3) Business Support

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Hashim Jusoh win second series Pencarian Jaguh catur Terengganu

Dr Wan Shaari of Pusat Minda man behind Pencarian Jaguh Catur

University Darul Iman lecturer Hashim Jusoh easily won the second series of Pencarian Jaguh Catur Terengganu with 6.5 points.Hashim effordlessly beat all of his six opponents and give 1 draw to Ahmad Rizal Othman.In the first series he could only finished fifth place.Second place goes to Abd Rahim Ramli with 5.5 points.Third prize won by Abd Latif Abdul Halim.Best lady player won by Najwah Aziz.

In under 18 which was won by Md Khairul Nazrin with 6.5 points,second place won Ahmad Shukri Ismail.Ahmad Jalalullah Md.In under 12 section talented Siti Aisyah Sabirin this category .She beat MSSM top ten under 12 winner Md Huzaimi who finish second.SitiKhadijah Sabirin finish third.Details of prize winner will be publish later.

Friday, August 08, 2008


Gani Kadir finished 6th place

Heng Aik Kiat

After 3 round 4 players are sharing the top spot in open section.Heng Aik Kiat,Hashim Jusoh and Gani Kadir all have 2.5 points from 3 games.In under 12 section Siti Aisyah Sabirin beat Md Huzaimi and leading in under 12 section.Meanwhile Siti Nur Raihan is leading in under 18 with 3 points.