Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Last night after a blitz session with my padawan Hafez at a coffee shop near Unisza (or Universiti Darul Iman ) I going back straight to my house to login at playchess.com.Yes it was another successful night for me as I again had won another 30 days membership extension at  playchess.com.I started well in the first four round with score of 3.5 ,then with 5 more rounds left I  only scored 1 point  to finished at number 72 from 201 players.I was choosen  as one of the lucky winners.Thanks Hafez Aficianado...

Sunday, October 31, 2010


On Saturday I had an opportunity to involve in a chess tournament for special children at Permai Hotel at Jalan Sultan Mahmud in Kuala Terengganu.They are only 15 players from 4 schools took part in event which had been held annually since 2007.Muhammad Zulhilmi was declared the winner by virtue of better tie break.Two times champion could only finished 3rd place winner.

1.Muhammad Zulhilmi SK Pusat Bukit Besar 4 points
2.Anas Bazli Alias Smk Tun Telanai 4 points
3.Mohd Daniel Zainuddin Smk Sheikh Abdul Malek 4 points
4.Tuan Mohd Solihin Smk Ketengah Jaya
5.Fazilah Islah Smk Ketengah Jaya
6.Muhammad Muaz SK Gong Nangka

Semua gambar ihsan dari guru guru pengiring terlibat.