Thursday, June 10, 2010


Round 5 start at 8.30 this morning.As usual we were given five minutes to take photo.I already ask the arbiter to give me copy of swiss manager tournament file from that I will jpeg all and post it here.


Guys I am in Perlis now and staying at Putera Palace.I collect info from organiser and post it and maybe some video too today.In fact I can upload all results into if I want too, provided they give me the swiss manager tournament file.No this is not my event that I handle.I will just convert all file into jpeg.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


I just cant wait to take 8 hours of  bus journey to Perlis tomorrow night.I also played in MSSM twice in my life and I think one of the best memories in my chess life.I know how excited are when you qualified to represented your state.First time ,after I completed my SRP and then in form five and before that I dont know anything about chess in MSSM.Information about chess in those days just like to  pan gold grain in Klang river.Nothing at all, but now we live in a different world you may find any information.Sometimes some chess organisers make life of a bloggers quite difficult "information embargo".I know a lot people out there are waiting to see the result of  MSSM.I think you all had to be satisfied with the job Gilocatur is doing now.So sorry no results will be upload at for MSSM this years.In the mean time If you like to read good old days go to Ilham blog .

Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Mengikut maklumat yang saya terima pusingan pertama bermula jam 4 petang lewat hampir 1 jam kerana masalah  pairing, contoh paling jelas ialah dua pemain perempuan bawah 12 tahun Terengganu telah didaftarkan bertanding dalam kategori bawah 18 tahun perempuan.Selain daripada itu sebahagian besar pemain Terengganu tidak diletakkan dalam senarai pilihan berdasarkan rating Kebangsaan masing masing.

Tidak diketahui samada Pengurus pasukan Terengganu terlupa untuk memasukan rating pemain atau kecuaian pihak tuan rumah untuk memeriksa status setiap pemain yang didaftarkan.Sikit sebanyak boleh menjejaskankan moral pemain yang terlibat.Sebagaimana amalan setiap tahun mesyuarat pengurus pasukan yang diadakan sehari lebih awal sepatutnya sudah boleh mengenalpasti nama pemain yang didaftarkan.

Walaubagaimana pun ianya tidak mematahkan semangat Ariffarae dari Terengganu (NR1311)yang diletakan sebagai pilihan yang ke 16 untuk mengalahkan Subramaniam Sivanesan dari Negeri Sembilan pemain pilihan kedua.Pemain bawah 12 tahun Siti Aisyah Sabirin berjaya memenangi pusingan pertama diikuti juga oleh adeknya Siti Khadijah Sabirin.Pemain bawah 15 tahun lelaki Muhd Aiman Zakwan Azmi hanya seri apabila bermain dengan pemain dari Pulau Pinang.Pasukan bawah 18 lelaki kalah 1.5 - 2.5 dengan Melaka hanya Mohd Khairul Nazrin papan pertama yang mencatat kemenangan dan setengah mata oleh Ahmad Faez Azmi.

Monday, June 07, 2010


The Malaysian School Sport Council Chess tournament  will starts today at 3.00 pm at Putera Palace in Perlis.About 500 Malaysian juniors will be playing in six categories of event which is included 3 individual event and 3 team event.Host Selangor is the the overall champion last year because they had an extra player.Host state normally are allowed to put extra players in order to avoid bye.The battle for overall champion this year is set between Kuala Lumpur and Selangor followed by Pulau Pinang.Other states may still a few moves behind.Even any of this states managed to secure a gold medal by chance in any category I don't think that reflect their true strenght.Of course I solely cannot denied the hardwork done by them to achieved the result.Whatever its is I wish you all good luck 

On the other hand I only will be there on 10th June and will play in Gula Perlis Open.I dont think we can browsing this year MSSM  results at as I helped host Selangor last year.Gilocatur who is already there will do the reporting for us.