Saturday, July 18, 2009


MAKSAK Malaysia chess tournament started yesterday and primary round just ended on Friday.The final round will be play on Saturday at Kelantan Trade Center.Here is the list of team who will play in the final round.

1.Kuala Lumpur MP 7 , 12 points
2.PDRM MP 7, 10.5 points
3.Pahang MP 6 , 10 points
4.Terengganu MP 5 , 10 points
5.Sarawak MP 5 , 9.5 points
6.Perak MP 5 , 9 points
7.Johor MP 5 , 8 points
8.Kelantan MP 4 , 9.5 points

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


National rating just came out.From the list I can see 6829 chess players are at least rated.Probably more then 5 events are not rated officially.To calculate all this is time consuming ( I simply will give up if they ask me to do this) and good in math.Although 6829 are rated I believed several thousand players should be rated ,I say maybe another 5000 should be rated.Out that total figure I believed 2000 is die hard chess players.But it is very hard to find an exact number of chess population in this country.Base on the national rating Ruzenan abu Bakar is the top player and second is Abdul Rahim Ramli.Both are not FIDE rated players but need 4 rated games to be officially rated.Mohd Khairul Nazrin is the highest rating increment by making 259 points due to his participants in various rated event in the country for the past 3 months.

1.Ruzenan Abu Bakar 1711 (1711)
2. Abdul Rahim Ramli 1710 (1710
3.Hashim Jusoh 1708 (1708)
4.Hisamullah Harun 1699 (1699)
5.Mohd Khairul Nazrin 1692 (1433
6.Muhammad Arshad 1689 (1504)
7.Ahmad Rizal Othman 1688 ( 1658)
8.Norazmi Mohd Nor 1683 (1683)
9.Mohd Syazwan Zulkifli 1680 (1651)
10.Heng Aik Kiat 1675 (1675)
11.Fairul Yusuf 1667 ( 1683 )
12.Suhaidi Mustaffa 1658 (1658)
13.Abdul Kadir Jailani 1657 (1672)

Monday, July 13, 2009


Kamaluddin Yusuf 2nd Place in Open Section
NWM Wendy Tan Li Ting 1st place in Under 12

Zarul Syazwan Zullkafli continues his good form to win another rapid event.This time he finished 6.5 points to win the De Laguna Port Kelang OpenHe scored five consercutive win before draw one game with secondplace winner Kamaluddin Yusuff and in the last round Zarul beats Ian Udani to become eventual winner.Third place goes to prolifik Mohd Fadli Zakaria with six points.Securing fourth place is Zarul Shafiq Zullkafli with 5.5 who has better tie break from 4 other players.9th place won by 9years old Yeoh Li Tian and Terengganu Mohd Syazwan Zulkifli.The other Terengganu player who also taking part is Hashim Jusoh could only managed to be in 15 place with 5 points with lower tie break.

NWM Wendy Tan Li Ting easily win under 12 category and Roshan Ajeet Singh adn third place was won by Mohd Irfan Haqim.27 juniors players took part in this category.