Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Just came back from the Malay Championship and the 1 Malaysia Open Chess at Kuala Lumpur.I did not do well in both of the events.But my teamates Suhaidi Mustaffa and Abdul Rahim Ramli finished 3rd and 6th place in the 1 Malaysia respectively.Here are list Terengganu players who took part in 1 Malaysia Open.Norazmi and the whole family also played excluding Musa Norazmi who just took part  in the Malay championship.Mohd Syazwan finished 8th place in the Malay championship.

1.Abdul Rahim Ramli
2.Mohd Syazwan Zulkifli
3.Muhammad Arshad
4.Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Abdul Rahman
5.Wan Zulikhsan
6.Salleh Omar
7.Akmal Salleh
8.Nor Ilhamuddin Shaikh Ali
9.Suhaidi Mustaffa
10.Norazmi Mohd Nor
11.Mubin Norazmi
12.Musfirah Norazmi
13.Muaz Norazmi
14.Muhsin Norazmi
15.Muhammad Norazmi

Full result of the 1 Malaysia chess is here.
Full result of Malay Championship is here.