Friday, February 05, 2010


Following the announcement by government to reinstate back chess and other sports in MSSM calendar and the question is where and when the event will held ?

My source said that most probably the championship will be held in Kuala Lumpur in May,since the process of selecting players to represent schools ,district and state will take a few weeks.Looks like May school holiday is a reasonable time for everybody to make preparation.

My source said that only 16 players will be selected to represent their state instead of usual 36 per state contingent.That meant we have only 4 category will be contested :-
under 12 boy ( 4 players ),under 12 girl (4 players),under 18 boy ( 4 players ) and under 18 girl ( 4 player ).

On the hand,the selection tournament will be critical to select candidates in some states as the competition are stiff.

Thursday, February 04, 2010


Good news for all, chess is back on MSSM calendar.I heard it news on radio and I immediately call source close to MSSM.He said there will be a meeting at Ministry level to discuss way to implement it.He said chess is back but the championship will have to accommodate budget according from Government allocation.He said states contingent will sending about 16 players.That meant 4 players per category.We should be able to have more details in the next few week.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


The 2nd DATCC or Dato Tan Chess Center tournament just ended last Sunday.I was in Kuala Lumpur but I don't have time to go there since my son playing at Jalan Cochrane.Abdul Aziz Abdul Shukur was the winner.Kuala Lumpur base Terengganu player Nur Ilhamuddin finished in 6th placing with 5.5 points.

From 9 games he loses to Sahir Sarifdin ,Abdul Aziz Abdul Shukur and Soon Wai Cheong and drew with Nik Farouqi.I hope to published some of his game later.

Ilhamuddin as we all call him is the highest rated player among Terengganu players and very active playing in Kuala Lumpur.After graduate from Universiti Utara Malaysia he secured job at Eon Bank where he is now.

During my conversation with him on Saturday, he said that he prepare his opening thoroughly for this event and among Ilham victims are Abdullah Che Hassan a very experienced player.From my points of view about Ilham is that he only play opening that he understand and after making throughly study it,of course with help of Rybka.

He has won few tournament but never big event like Selangor Open or Malaysia Closed and I hope someday he will prove it to other Terengganu players.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


The question is how much you willing to spend for your children to progress in chess?
Let me answer it for your as a parent living in Kuala Terengganu.If I dicided to send my child to Kuala Lumpur to take part in chess tournament the first thing came to my mind is budget.Without it you will not going any where.Let see the breakdown.

1.Bus round trip to Kuala Lumpur ( 2 person )RM140.00
(If you lucky you pay same amount for Airasia ticket)
2.Cheap hotel at chow Kit RM75.00 per night
3.Internal transport RM50

Add up another RM50 for makan and entry fee and total is RM315.That is for 1 day event which what will I spend in Kuala Lumpur.Cost of coaching for my son is on me.

Let see what parent in Kuala Lumpur spend:

1.Petrol and tol RM60.00
2.Entry fee RM20
3.Makan RM50
4.Coaching fee for 1 session RM150.

And the total is RM280.00 roughly about the same amount I spend since I coaching my own son.

That the average total cost parents have to pay for their children involvement in chess and it cost money and time not to mention others factor.Will you consider other sports?


All photos from Asman Amin of Pahang

Just came back from Kuala Lumpur yesterday morning with my 7 years old son who took part in under 10 category.Initially I was reluctant to bring my son to take part but for the sake of exposure and atmosphere playing in Kuala Lumpur my son needed this trip.This is his third tournament and his rating is 1176.I don't expected him to do well in this tournament and he could only finished with 1.5 points from 6 games.For the past many years I used to bring other people children to Kuala Lumpur and various part of Malaysia to take part in chess tournament and this is my time to take care of my only child and him for tournament in Malaysia.He is still long way to go in chess and by the time he grow up I hope he achieved something significant in Malaysia chess arena.

You may download all the result here