Tuesday, September 23, 2008


kenapa tak percaya ?

(picture taken 2003 during BPM allegro your truly vs GM Sermek)

Well as I expected nobody can provided the correct answers to all of my question.I guess you have to be part of it to know the answer or asking to ex commitee members of Terengganu Chess Association.I posted two question :

1.Please give name of 3 grandmaster who visited Terengganu in the last 28 years ?

The answer is Raymond Keene came to Kuala Terengganu in 1980 to give simul.I think up to 20 Terengganu players took part in that event which been played at Kompleks Belia dan Sukan Jalan Pasir Panjang.GM Raymond won 19 game and drew 1 game.Then in 1991 after Commonwealth Chess Championship Peter Long came with Julian Hodgson and the later give simul to 11 Terengganu players and won 10 game and drew 1 game with Hashim Jusoh.Lastly Drazen Sermek came in 2003 to take part in BPM chess allegro and easily won the Terengganu leg.Your truly managed to get a draw with him.I think that answer all of my questions that I posted earlier.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Dear chess friend I will give 1 set of chess set for the right answer for the question below

1. Please give name of 3 grandmasters who visited Terengganu in last 28 years ?

2. Please give me names of 2 grandmasters who give simultaneous exhibition in Terengganu ?

I be happy to give 1 set of chess set for every correct answer.Do you think you know ?