Sunday, August 31, 2008


Local chess player of Dungun Suhaidi Mustaffa simply too good for others players to catch up in Dungun Open chess tournament which ended yesterday.He collected 6 points in a row and RM500 to become Dungun Open champion.Hashim Jusoh with 5.5 points finished second place and Pahang player Sulaiman Johari 5.5 points end up third place.Full results below.

  1. Suhaidi Mustaffa 6 points (RM300)
  2. Hashim Jusoh 5.5 points (RM300)
  3. Sulaiman Johari 5.5 points (RM200)
  4. Fairul Yusof 5.5 points (RM200)
  5. Md Khair Wahiduddin 5.5 points (RM100)
  6. Abd Kadir Jailani 5.5 points (RM50)
  7. Syed Azizi Abd Rahman 5 points (RM50)
  8. Mohd Azrul Abd Majid 5 points (RM50)
  9. Hamidi Taib 5 points (RM50)
  10. Hisamullah Harun 5 points (RM50)

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ad6 said...

Assalamualaikum for all the muslim here.. Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa, semoga amalan puasa kita semua diterima oleh Allah s.w.t.

Well, my congrats to Suhaidi.

This is the 2nd time Suhaidi emerged as a champ in a local chess events. Both in Dungun. A long involvement in chess since 1991 I think seemed to pay for him gradually. He’s a very discipline player and a very gentleman guy. With the (temporary) downfall of several well-known Trg chess player, he seized 6 games in a row with a dazzling performance even loss in a final round wouldn’t give him any harm.

My favorite, Nor Azmi was still can’t find his own form while Hashim showed that he’s the most consistent so far. Ruzenan failed to make a strong appearance after missing in two previous pencarian events.

Sad thing for Fairul who thought that after being in a 2nd place with a game to go could seize that position if he can beat Suhaidi in the final round, and he did it but only shockingly to see that he was dropped to 4th due to lower in tie-break. So, in bulkoz, not only we need to win but the winning of our previous opponents is also to be reckoned.