Monday, December 03, 2007


Currently 15 players from the state is taking part in chess tournament at Shah Alam.The event due to finish November 7th.The team event will consisting 3 boys and 1 girl playing in every round.Ironically MSST did not organised centralised training for this event.Most of the players for this event were informed last minute.What a way to improved sport in this state.Although MSST have all the mechanism still they acting unprofessionally.The victims are the players and chess.


taufiq said...

Assalamualaikum cikgu Arshad,
Boleh hubungi saya? (email atau tinggalkan message di blog).
Ayah saya berminat untuk mengaktifkan sukan catur di Besut.

Muhammad Arshad said...

Taufik awak leh hubungi saya di no tel nie 012 921 0841 atau

Anonymous said...

how may i be a member of this association?

Muhammad Arshad said...

u may call me at this number
012 9210841 or simply email me

Anonymous said...

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