Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I never heard khanty Mansisyk  before until FIDE annouced it will be host of 39th Chess Olympiad.So using the Google earth I see what made up of this region.Bacisally its a streching flat land as far as you can see.Total population is less 100.000 people.But this place is  the host  of 39th Chess Olympiad.Let us see what the tournament statistic has to offer :

Open Section

1.There are 735 players in this section

2.There are 141 federation  are taking part 

3.There are 242 Grandmaster 

4.There 118 Internasional master

5.There are 2 women Internasionalmaster

6.There are 83 Fidemaster

Women Section

1.There are 559 player in this section

2. There 109 federation taking part

3. There are 12 Grandmaster

4. There are 65 Womengrandmaster

5. There are 11 Internasional master

6,There are 88 Womeninternasional master

7,There only single Fide Master

8.There are 89 Fide Master.

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