Saturday, September 25, 2010


Both Malaysia men and women suffered second loses.Our men lost 1-3 to Switzerland and our girls share the same identical score.Mas Hafizul continue his fine run when he drew his game against Pelletier in a match that lasted 98 moves.They are a lot of play on both wing when both players trying to outsmart each other.

However Mas innovative play got better when he win a pawn.The Swiss grandmaster know that the best result that he can achieved is playing for a draw .Mas tried everything in vain to look for a win and on move 74 Mas was threatening to check mate Pelletier King,but Pelletier  was able to exchange his Rook for  Knight which lead to theoretically drawn game.It took another 24 moves before the game ended with a draw.

As usual Mok reply with his pet line of Modern defence,an opening he master.His trouble start  at  move 16 after a series of exchanges of pawns ,Gallagher played 18...Ba6 attacking Mok Rook ,he played Rc7 to defence his pawn at c6 and a few moves later Mok had to give up the Rook for Bishop.After Queen was traded Gallegher had a winning position although Mok  was able to push   his d pass pawn.Mok resigned after move 50.

I read about Tan Khai Boon in shout box.I believed he deserved and qualify to play for the country no one should question his place in the national squad although many of Malaysian chess players question his opening preparation.His opponent of today simply too good and to strong for him to play.The game ended in 33 moves.

Peter Long played his favourite opening and he caused a lot of problem at the queenside.for his opponent and the game was played according to Peter's pace.The game ended in a draw.Total score Malaysia lost 1- 3 to Switzerland.

I think our girls obviously need help,I don't know what kind of preparation  MCF has done to prepare our players for this year Olympiad.My guess is that they on their own.Sri Lanka beat us by score of 3 - 1 

Click here for men game and here for our women game.

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