Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Malaysia will play ICSC a team for silent chess.This team consisting players from several nations.Playing first board for ICSC is 54 years GM Yehuda Gruenfeld (FIDE 2464)from Israel ,second board is IM Duillio Collutiis (FIDE 2447) from Italy.On board three is Vladimir Klasan (FIDE 2393) from Serbia and on board for is IM Sergei Salov from Germany (2271).Yesterday Indonesia beat ICSC by score of 3.5 - .5.Live game here.

Our girls will play with Pakistan relatively unknown to me,the team registers five players with one rated player Nida Mishraz Siddique 23 years who has rating 1796.On second board is Zenobia Wasif 46 years old.Board three is 42 years old Begum Ghazala and on board four is Ayman Shakir.Live game here.All round start at 5.00 pm Malaysia time

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