Thursday, September 30, 2010


Yesterday  Mas Hafizul was rest thus give MCF Secretary  Greg Lau chance to play,Greg did what he suppose to he beat his opponent in style although he kept his audience on the toe during middlegame.His opponent make mistakes and Greg misses his chances.But who care he contributed the the winning points for  the Malaysia team.

Back to first board Mok suprises everyone for not playing modern defence. This time Mok reply with e5 but soon the game transpose into 2 knight opening.Mok survive his opponent onslaught in the middlegame capitalised his winning advantages.

On board 3 Khai Boon just could not deliver the point although he had the advantages.On board four Peters drew his game although he had slight advantages during the middle game.Today Malaysia will play Andorra a small nation south of France ,Malaysia must win with big margin   in order to finish high in the ranking.Round nine live men game here.women live games here.

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