Monday, October 25, 2010


The world junior chess championship in Greece is already halfway.Today is a rest day and play will resume tomorrow.I would like to discuss about the inputting the games into the computer.At current world junior chess championship not all games are available for download.For instance in category under eight the host nation only made available top four games and so the rest of other categories too.

It's understandable for event like this require huge budget and man power to make everything perfect.They are hundred of games for inputting into the computer in every round,and it's requires at least 30 people and five to six hours to complete the whole games per round.Unless the organiser has budget to buy DGT e board which coast €700 each.(about RM3000 per e board).

Without the DGT e board the organiser have to face new problem.The handwriting and languages.They are at least 80 nation are taking part and not all speak English, each nation have players speak in different languages and prefer to write in their mother tongue.For instance  the Indonesian player may write B for Rook ,an Arab player may write F for Bishop or Vietnamese will write V for queen.The list may goes on for Spanish or German or Russian speaking players.Imaging the the problem for the people who are trying very hard to meet the deadline.

I also had this problem previously say  an Indonesian player versus Uzbek player .For the first 10  to 15 moves everything is all right but when came to time pressure the handwriting for both players may deteriorate , Indonesian player used both English and Indonesian languages.Yes this happened to me before.Earlier he use B for Rook and during time trouble B is also for Bishop and sometime you don't you know which pieces move first.So just Imaging the quality of handwriting from  a 7 years old kid in WJCC.

In Malaysia most Malaysian chess players record their chess move in English and very few players record  in French or German.Some Malaysian chess players I put their handwriting  in hopeless category which meant they have to sit beside me  to key in all the moves.

So if you think that the current WJCC host is not doing their job ,think again about it.

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