Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Are you looking for digital chess clock  and chess set and teaching software ? Yes you come to the right place.I have here is a DGT 960 clock, chess set and board and CD which included with Fritz 9 .I tell you it's worth your money to buy these 3 items.

Here I have a DGT 960 chess clock  with multi function capability ,increment ,move timer ,game timer and this clock can generate all the 960 stating position of the so called Fisher random chess.Bundle up with chess clock is chess set and chess board.The chess board is tournament standard ,fold able and weight about 3 kilo.

As a bonus I included 2 CDs ,one unit of cd contained basic chess instruction useful for teaching chess in class .It 's contained 45 lesson and about 1500 exercises.Next CD is fritz 9 with all the standard feature of course no serial number.All items are original.My price for 3 item (960 clock ,chess set and standard fold able board and 2 CDs) RM350.00.Call me to order ( 012 928 2811 )

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