Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Hisamullah Harun & Hashim Jusoh
Md Azizul of Kelantan

Although annual MAKSAK chess event concluded two weeks ago and Sarawak team captured the title but I read interesting game analysis from Kelantan first board player Mohd Azizul Mat Daud about his game against Hashim Jusoh of Terengganu in our last round encounter.Honestly I always warned my players about capabality of players from others teams.Dont take them lightly and don't underestimate them whom "may" do not play tournament regularly.

Everyear I see each team improved their performances and they gave their best.This is contributed by chess activities in their particular states.In this case PDRM , Perlis ,Perak , Pahang are no longer whipping boys.

On the other hand I can also see they are team who selected their players among goodfriend without going through selection tournament.This may hinder the development of chess in their own state.

In the years to come I can see Kelantan ,Selangor will emerged as a strong challenger for Maksak title including traditional powerhouse Kuala Lumpur and Terengganu.I have doubt about Sarawak who have only Abang Mohd Ridhuan and Morsin Ahmad after Lim Kian Hwa retires soon.Our Terengganu players Hashim Jusoh, Hisamullah Harun and Ahmad Rizal may not perform this year but they are good at least for another 20 more years.Article by arch rival here

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