Sunday, July 20, 2008


After disastrous failure in Kelantan Open Norazmi Mohd Nor continuenued his domination in Terengganu chess scene by easily winning the Terengganu Maksak chess tournament yesterday.He won his first five game before drew with Alias Mohd Amin.Second place won by Hisamullah Harun with five points losing a game to the eventual winner. Third place goes to Alias Mohd Amin.Top six winners will represent Terengganu in National Maksak Chess tournament in Penang on 1st to 3rd August in Penang.
  1. Norazmi Mohd Nor
  2. Hisamullah Harun
  3. Alias Mohd Amin
  4. Hashim Jusoh
  5. Abdul Rahim Ramli
  6. Mohd Yusuf Muda

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