Sunday, July 13, 2008


Abdullah Che Hassan simply to good to other 49 participant in the Kelantan open which ended this evening.He easily stamp his authority in the first five games before conceded a draw with former Petronas player Azahari Mohd Nor in last round and walk away with a cool RM800.Abdullah record in the 30 minutes play is quite good base on his performances in local circuit this year.Muhammad Arshad finished clear second when he loses to eventual winner the Fourth round.Third Mohd Khair Wahidduddin who beat Fairul "Gambit" Yusof in the last round.Meanwhile in the under 15 category Ahmad Zulhilmi finished first followed by Laila Husna Sanadi and Wan Emilia Ellisya.
Prize winners in the Open section
  1. Abdullah Che Hassan RM800
  2. Muhammad Arshad RM500
  3. Md Khair RM300
  4. Azahari Mohd Nor RM100
  5. Kamal Azmi RM100
  6. Abd Khalid Musa RM100
  7. Ali Akhbar Kuning RM100
  8. Md Zainuddin RM100
  9. Fairul Yusoff RM100
  • Best Kelantan player won by Mohd Azizul Daud and RM200

Under 15 section prize winners

  1. Ahmad Zulhilmi RM200
  2. Laila Husna RM150
  3. Wan Emilia RM100
  4. Fadhil Aiman RM50
  5. Md Afiq Aiman RM50
  6. Md Muhaimin RM50
  7. Najihah RM50
  8. Md Fadhil RM50
  9. Md Afham RM50
  10. Md Ahza RM50


iiumchessmaster said...

Please make correction. Mohd Azizul won Best Kelantanese Player worth RM200, and 4th was Azhari. Thanks.

Muhammad Arshad said...