Thursday, April 10, 2008


In Terengganu it is rare to see a woman chess player competing in open chess tournament section.But for this charming Universiti Putra Malaysia student shows she has got the high spirit as well as nerve to take part in Pencarian Jaguh Catur Terengganu recently.Her determination proof to much as she able to beat several men in the tournament.Firstly she took part at Kuala Terengganu leg ended up beating several men.Well I thought she just past time player or just wants to spend holiday in her hometown.Then she show up at Ulu Terengganu leg and finished with some cash prize and beating several men.She quite good in opening theory but her middle game didnt up to it.Maybe lack of training and understanding of position causing her losing some of the winning game.She and a few others women players are invited to play in the Pencarian Jaguh Catur Terengganu Peringkat Negeri. I will suggest to Pusat Minda Terengganu to include women section in next year.

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