Monday, August 13, 2007


No doubt about it anymore ,Terengganu grab the title with ease right from round one to stamp it's authority from rest of strong field.Terengganu starts well by beating Negeri Sembilan by 4-0, on board one Hashim Jusoh beat former Malays Champ Aziz Jaafar in French Defence.While the rest of the team easily beat Negeri other boards.Entering the third round Terengganu already mass up full eight points after whitewash Kelantan.In the following round Terengganu players grew confident by beating arch rivals Kuala Lumpur by 2.5 to 1.5,Norazmi had a lucky break when Rizal Ahmad Kamal expose king got checkmated on Kingside.In the 5th round round Terengganu players also put up brilliant display to beat Sarawak by 3 to 1.When the title is secure Terengganu decided to field it reserve players against Perlis which causes some dissatisfaction from Sarawak who put up a written protest.Surprisingly Perlis finished second on tie break followed by Sarawak.
1. Terengganu 18.5
2. Perlis 15
3. Sarawak 15
4. Pahang 13.5
5. PDRM 13.5
6. K.Lumpur 13
7. N.Sembilan 13
8. Perak 8
9.Melaka 12.5
10.P.Pinang 10
11.Johor 11
12.Kelantan 12
13.Selangor 8.5
14.Penjara 8
15.ATM 2
Best board winner
1.Board one : Abang Md Reduan Abd Sahari 5.5/6 Sarawak
2.Board two : Marzuki Mat 5/6 Perlis
3.Board 3 : Norazmi Mohd Nor 5/5 Terengganu
4.Board 4 : Abd Rahim Ramli 5/5 Terengganu
5.Board 5 : Azman Hisham Che Dol 2.5/3 Kuala lumpur
6.Board 6 : Nordin Md Yamin 3/3 Pahang

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